Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Hope you lovely peeps had an AMAZING weekend!! We sure did!! 
Make sure you grab our graphic and join myself and Johannah for Hello Monday! Anything goes....but as usually I'm recapping our weekend!!

So a few weeks ago, Ella made a board game at school. We enjoyed playing it with her! But she based it off of a book they read at school, so I was a little lost! 😂 But it was still fun! 

Last week I started spring cleaning. I sprinkled baking soda in the carpet to vaccum. 
Well I sat the box at the top of the stairs to carry down with me....

 Trixie decided she would help! HA and somehow she DID NOT spill it.  But she did chew the cardboard! I swear she is part goat!! 

Friday afternoon, we picked up Addison after school...

They painted pictures! 

They did so good! They did it all freehand. I was SO proud of them! 

Duke walked right by Ella when she dropped a paintbrush. 😛

After they painted we moved onto face mask.

I found these fun mask at Target for $1.99

Mama had to join in on the pampering! 

Sweet girls! 

They wanted to do funny faces! HA 


The boys played golf and basketball outside! 

and Trixie was ready for bed! 

After I got the crazies fed and settled....I broke down and created a Snap Chat! 
If you have an account...my username is myglitteryheart

The filters are SO FUNNY! One of my besties husbands HATES clowns...so I sent her this one! 

Saturday morning...we layed low for a while! Ben and Ian hit the golf course while the girls met Grammy at the Mall and the Old Navy 40% off sale! Ella Marie racked up a whole new spring/summer wardrobe! 

On our way home form the mall we stopped by to see our favorite track star...

Go Addison. She came in first place for the 200.

Saturday evening...we ate dinner and enjoyed a glass of wine on the back porch. 

Saturday was also Day 1 of the #springflingphoto17.: Selfie

Brn's parents and brother came over for dinner!! 
The pups played hard! 

This is how Trixie ended her night! She PASSED out on the couch! 

Sunday morning....

My guys hit the golf course EARLY because we had a family gathering at my grandparents later that afternoon! 

Ella and I hung out around the house! 

Ella posed Trixie for a photo shoot! 

We took lunch to my grandparents house so we could visit with them. 

We had an Easter Egg Hunt since my gang will be at the beach on Easter! 

Jayce, Shonda, Grandma, and Ella ready to hunt! 

Stacey and Ben watched from the rockers! 
Just like 2 little old men! 

Sweet girl had fun hunting eggs! 

Tonya, Shonda, and me! 

The kids hid the eggs again so the moms could find them! HAHA 

Day 2 of the #springflingphoto17: My Sunday! 
Sundays are for side braids and sunshine! 

We ended out night watching the 
ACM Awards!! 

We had lots of fun this weekend!! What were you up to?? 

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