Friday Favorites!!

Hello Friday! So happy you are here!! This has been a CRAZY busy week!! 
As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from the week!! 

Of course, our beach trip was a FAVORITE by all! You can read all about our trip to New Smyrna Beach here and here

I am hoping by co-hosting a summer reading club that reading will become one of Ella's FAVORITE things to do!! This book-loving mama needs someone else to share her passion with...

Trixie was so excited to have her FAVORITE people home from vacation! Especially her sister who doesn't make her walk!! 

Trixie's new FAVORITE spot in the house is in my room on my throw pillows!! Good thing she is cute! 

My FAVORITE carpool buddy and I only have 14 more carpools! Duke use to come with me in carpool line but he won't anymore! He just runs upstairs and takes a nap on Ian's bed! 

So Ella is in a trash parade at school today. 3rd grade is learning about they had to make a costume out of recycled materials and then are in a parade for the whole school......Let's just say that it was "wine o'clock" when we were working on that project! However, she is cute!! 

A few new FAVORITE creations for my Etsy Shop this week....

Life is always better in boots! Our annual girls trip use to be to CMA Fest in Nashville! I miss that trip! 

Perfect for all the Red, Wine, and Blue holidays coming up...

Spice up Taco Tuesday with this super cute wine glass! 

Where are all my Grey's fans?!?!? Shipped out this awesome mug earlier this week! 

How perfect is this American Flag Monogrammed Wine Glass?!?!?! 

I have LOVED creating all of these super cute glasses!! 

I think Ella is quickly becoming Trixie's FAVORITE person!! 

For some reason, playing in the mud is one of Duke's FAVORITE things to do! #boys
However, getting a bath is NOT! HA 

Breakfast with my FAVORITE girl at her FAVORITE restaurant! 

Y'all know my LOVE of Rae Dun mugs runs DEEP.  I was running errands earlier this week and ran into Marshall's and found 11 Rae Dun mugs! To say that I was ecstatic is an understatement! I kept 5 for myself, giving 5 as gifts, and a friend bought the last one!! They are my FAVORITE mugs! 

Apparently pink and white were my FAVORITE colors at the beach! 

Happy Birthday to one of my FAVORITE nephews!! Hope you have the best day! 

I hope you guys have a FANTASTIC weekend! We have a busy one! I am watching a special 3rd grader parade around the school in trash, working the 8th grade dance tonight, visiting a brand new baby boy, watching my FAVORITE golfer, and cheering on my FAVORITE guitar player at her recital!! You can read all about it on Monday!! 
Join Johannah and me for Hello Monday! 

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