Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!! Hope you guys had a great week! As usual, I am sharing our FAVORITES from this week! 

Ian's FAVORITE thing to do in this world is play golf. Monday, he started back to "Project Scratch" at our country club! He LOVES it!! 

Tuesday, he talked Grandaddy into taking him and his buddy, Timmy to the driving range! 

Then on Wednesday, Ian and grandaddy had a tee time at 8:20! 
That is awesome!! SO PROUD OF HIM!! 

Miss. Priss has been in Art Camp all week! Arts and crafts are her FAVORITE! 

They painted these canvases for Father's Day! 

I mean...How stinkin' cute?!?!?! Each day she has came home with such fun art projects! 

Tuesday evening, Ella and I curled up on the couch with one of our FAVORITE snacks and watched one of our FAVORITE movies....

Beauty and The Beast!! 

I scored BIG at Belk yesterday! All their Mud Pie was 50% OFF!! I love a good deal! 
I got several new pieces and I will share next week once I get it all in my cabinet!! 

But look at this....


A few new FAVORITES in the Etsy Shop....

Perfect for a future "Mrs."

These champagne flutes are on their way to toast in a bachelorette party....

I just couldn't help myself.....

You know you need one

So if you read my Monthly goals then you know that I have been struggling with my diet and excerise. This week I have been SO PROUD of myself!! I have worked out everyday!! 

Let me tell you there is NOTHING pretty or a FAVORITE about these sweaty selfies, but I DID it!! 

Yippee! And I enjoyed myself!! 

When I finished the first workout on Monday! Look what Shaun T has tattooed on his arm....

My one little word for 2017!! 

I "believe" this was the right time for me to get back on track! 

Hope you have a fun weekend planned with your FAVORITE dad!! 

This guy sure is our FAVORITE!! 

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