Monthly Goals {May Recap & June}

Hello, Friends!! If you have been around here for any amount of time then you know how I LOVE my monthly goals....Well, I am a little later than normal sharing my June goals, but when you spend the first part of June at the happens! 

Before I share my June goals, let me recap May goals! 

1. Finish Gardens. ✔
Here is my herb garden and my vegetable garden

2. Finish the School year with a bang. ✔
Yes Ma'am we did! I had the bags under my eyes to prove it! HA 

3. Get back on track with Exercise and Diet. 𐄂
Oh my gosh NO and I am so mad at myself. I gained some weight back and my tummy issues are back. 

4. Enjoy a date night with Ben. ✔
Oh YES! We enjoyed an overnight date in Nashville

5. Go out on the boat. 𐄂
We tried to go out for Mother's Day but the battery was dead :(

6. Celebrate Mother's Day. ✔
Ella made me dinner from Bramlett Diner

7. Enjoy another Beach Vacation. ✔
Yes, you can read my recaps here and here. 

8. 4 New Designs for Etsy Shop. ✔
Check out my shop to see all my designs! 

9. Get a facial. ✔
one of my besties gave me a gift card for a facial for my birthday and I used it!! It was heavenly

10. Try a new wine. ✔
YES!! We visited a vineyard and it was AMAZING! 

I am pretty pleased with myself EXCEPT the diet and exercise 😑It's all my fault I know...I have to change my mindset. 

Moving on....

1. Change my mindset about dieting and exercising. {Hopefully, lose 5 lbs}
2. Go to the pool at least once a week with friends
3. Plan a 4th of July party
4. Attend VBS
5. Enjoy time on the boat with friends
6. Have a playdate
7. Enjoy a deck date night
8. Read 3 books
9. Create red, white, and blue goodies for Oh My Glitter
10. Decorate with Red, white, and blue

Can't wait to start marking items off my list! 

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