My Veggie Garden

Happy  Thursday Friends! I can't believe we have already been on summer break for a week! Time already needs to SLOW DOWN! 

I am SO excited to finally share with y'all my veggie garden!! 

When Ben and I got married, I only added a few bushes and flowers in the yard, next a few potted plants, then a full garden. My dad has gardened for as long as I can remember. So one spring he came and helped me plant a big ole garden. 
After about a month, that garden got WAY to big for this mama to handle all by herself. Ben told me from the beginning that gardening was not his thing and I was on my own! HA 
We had way more veggies then we could eat or even give away. 
Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I decided to try my hand in gardening again. But this time in a raised bed.  

I ordered this raised bed from Amazon. It is 4 ft x 4ft. Plenty big enough for me to get my "green thumb" going again. (Hopefully) 
If this year goes well,  I can add to it next year! 

Welcome to my little veggie garden......


Bell Peppers



I am so EXCITED to be backing to gardening. Even if I am starting small this year. I plan to post monthly updates, so we can really see how our garden grows. 

I am even more excited to be able to walk into my back yard and pick a veggie for a recipe or a salad! 

Do you have a green thumb? What did you plant this year?  

As you can see, my garden markers look HORRIBLE. 
I found these I am thinking about ordering. 

Hope you guys have a GREAT day! 

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