hello Monday {Momma Love}

Hello, Monday! I love you today because we have NO SCHOOL. Sorry, I am late posting this morning, but Ben and I enjoyed a bottle of wine on the back porch last night from the vineyards we visited on Saturday. so by the time we came inside it was almost 10:00 and I just crawled into bed! HA
I'll share more about that visit tomorrow.

This Hello Monday is a little different. Normally, I recap our weekends but today I am sharing some Momma Love!

Join Johannah and me for Hello Monday!

When I saw Justine from Little Dove Blog mention a Momma Love Fellowship....I jumped on board immediately. I could not wait to shower another mama with LOTS of LOVE!! I was paired with Lissa from Run Nerd Girl! Y'all, she is such an inspiration. She is a runner beast! I wish I could run like her! If you are even thinking about starting to run you need to visit her blog

But for now, let me show you what Lissa showered me with......

Oh My Glitter.... Just look! 

Lots of Stationary..... 

GLITTER! I might have squealed! 😂

I LOVE this new drawing book. 

Check out these awesome pages! 

My plan for this journal is to draw all my ideas for my Etsy Shop. Sometimes I get lots of ideas brewing and if I don't get them out of my head I forget about them! So this drawing book is PERFECT! 

Thank you so much Lissa, for showing me so much love. I enjoyed getting to know you better over the past 2 months and your journey on running!! 

Also, don't forget this Wednesday is our Summer Reading Book Club! 

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