10 Reasons why I LOVE our Home!

I'm a little late to the party, but hey, better late than never, right?? 
Today I am joining Erin and sharing 10 reasons why I love our HOME! 

10 reasons why i love our home.

The people I share it with. 

These 3 people are my WORLD! 


I love our gallery wall.


My China 

Ben's grandmother hand-painted all of our china. She passed away in February so it makes it that much more special. 
Ben's mom has 3 sisters and his grandmother painted herself and each daughter (4 total) a 12 piece place setting. Then she painted each grandson (7 total) an 8 piece place setting which ours is proudly displayed in my china cabinet.  


My Coffee Corner

Which hasn't looked this way in a while and is currently under another "remodel". I hope to share it next week. 


Our back deck....
It has hosted a lot of deck date nights, cookouts and parties.


It where I create all my glittery goodness for my Etsy Shop


Decorating for the Holidays



I love our little book bag area. 


Our Mantle and Fireplace

I think I finally love my mantle. But I love my fireplace. It has kept us warm and cozy for over 14 years. 

Ben and I closed on our house over 14 years ago. We will celebrate 14 years of marriage next Wednesday. We have loved and fought in this house, we brought home both of our babies to this house, We have hosted countless get together's, and made countless memories in this house. Just Friday evening, Ben walked in from work and looked me in the eyes and said: "I love our house" I couldn't agree more. 

I hope you enjoyed a "glimpse" into our home because "Home is where my heart is"

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