Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! I am so looking forward to this LONG weekend! We have lots of fun planned! But first, I am going to share some of our FAVORITES this week! 

I have LOVED maxi dresses this week! Thank you for all the sweet comments about it on my What's Up Wednesday post! 

Ben had President's Dinner on Wednesday night at Pappadeaux's. Oh My Glitter- it is one of my FAVORITE restaurants.

I wish I would have gotten an "OOTD" picture for this maxi dress! 

One of Ben's co-workers, daughter took this picture of us taking a selfie~ HA 

Y'all know I love my Trixie girl! 

This is what she thought of a rainy Thursday afternoon! 

Perfect nap weather. 

Yesterday afternoon, I had a terrible headache so I laid on the couch for about 20 minutes. 
Look who wanted to cuddle! 

Oh, LOOK at my new Yeti Rambler. I LOVE it because it has a straw so it's like a sports bottle! 
I LOVE IT! It's my new FAVORITE way to drink water! 

I can't help but share all the snippets of red and black that are starting to show up in my house in order to get ready for our annual Bulldawg Bash on Saturday! 

In case you missed it....

Just wanted to let y'all know that Johannah and I are taking Monday off from blogging so there will be no Hello Monday next week!! Hope y'all have an awesome and safe weekend!! 

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Five on Friday girls!

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