Friday Favorites

Yippee, We made it to the weekend again! Short weeks always mess me up and feel like they last forever! Tell me I'm not alone on this.....
Like most Friday's, I'm sharing our FAVORITES this week! 

Sunday morning after the bulldawg bash, Trixie was exhausted....

My lap is one of her FAVORITE places to sleep! 

Last Sunday, We went to Ben's aunt and uncles house for a cookout. His cousin, Lisa has taken a job with MGM in China! She will be leaving soon, so I am so glad we got to see her. 

Dixie, Lisa, Aunt Debbie, and me! 

Ella and Ava enjoyed the hot tub! 

My favorite mother in law! ;) 

Another yard full of boys! 

Colleen got in the adult swing!! 

Cousin in laws....

We love spending time with family....Family is our FAVORITE!! 

Monday for Labor Day, We headed to Sky Valley for the guys to play golf. The girls and the pups headed on up the mountain to Highlands, NC to shop! 

The pups were thrilled! 

I mean they had the wagon to ride in...

Trixie was everyone's FAVORITE! She was a huge hit! 

They were EXHAUSTED on the way home! 

Fun times with these ladies! 

Wednesday at Ella's school was Grandparents Breakfast, so Grandma Deb was able to join her!! 

I passed 500 sales this week in my Etsy shop! I was so EXCITED!! 

and I also started a new sign line! I can't WAIT to show y'all!! 

Hope you guys have an AWESOME weekend! We have another fun one planned!! 

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