Mexico Part UNO

Hola! We have been back from Mexico for a week now and I finally feel like I am back in the grove... why does 6 days out of reality totally mess me up?? Or is it just me?? I mean for 6 days I had people bring me food, drinks, make my bed, do my laundry, turn down my bed, you get the point! It was glorious! oh so glorious! Ben is in sales and every year their incentive is to sell x amount and if you do then you earn President's Trip. In the 14 years that Ben has worked for the company, he has only missed 2 trips! That is pretty impressive if you ask me. ;)

Let me share with you days 1-3 of our trip today.


{DAY 1}

We stayed at Unico Riviera Maya. The resort was new. It has only been open for about 7 months. 

We flew Southwest Airlines. We left Atlanta around 11:40 and arrived in Mexico around 1:30. 

The only thing I do not like about Southwest is that you do not have assigned seating so on the way down there I didn't get to sit next to Ben but thankfully, we were with a large group (around 30 people) so I sat next to one of his sweet co-workers, Donna and her husband, Joe. 

Ben was in the row in front of us! 

Jeff, Sarah, and Carly were across from Ben. We were holding up the back of the plane really well! ;) 

We had about an hour bus ride to the resort from the airport. In our bus were Bryan (the owner of the company), his wife, Suzanne, Me, Ben, and Josh (one of Ben's sales reps). 

When we arrived, we checked-in and got escorted to our rooms. 

Swim out pool with lounge chairs directly off our room along with a couch and two swings. 

After we got settled, we headed to the nearest pool bar for some drinks and a snack. 

The group photos started. This is Carly, Me, and Linda! 

Then we added in Melissa M. 

And then we added in Nicole! 

The ladies with Michael Cox. He and Ben played baseball together when they were younger and now work at the same company. 

The guys just hanging out in Mexico at a bar! 

We made quick friends with Oscar. He was a fantastic bartender. 

He made sure I started each morning off with a mudslide ;) 

I love my Linda! 

We love our Carly. 

Day 1 ended with a buffet-style dinner by the pool. 

{Day 2}

Day 2 started with mimosas and omelets by the ocean. Then I headed to the Spa and Ben headed to the golf course with a group of guys. 

This was on the way to the spa. 

While you are waiting for your spa treatment. 

Hydrotherapy pool. If you arrive at your appointment an hour early then the sweet spa ladies will take you through a hydrotherapy routine starting with the steam room, sauna, hydrotherapy shower, ice bath, and then this relaxing pool. It was heavenly. 

After my treatment, I met up with a bunch of other ladies and gentlemen (that didn't golf) at the pool 

Not a bad view on a Friday afternoon. 

Friday evening, we were on our own for dinner so we went to the steakhouse 20'87 that was located on the property. It was good but it was not my favorite restaurant. 

This was before I got the cute picture I just showed y'all!  ;) Why can't he just take a durn picture. 

Sarah and Jeff. I swear Jeff is Ben's long lost brother. They are so much alike its scary. 

Then we ended up meeting most of our other crew at a bar for drinks and dancing. We are a crazy crew for sure. 

{DAY 3} 

Saturday, we enjoyed more mimosas and omelets by the ocean. Then headed to walk on the beach.

Right around lunch time our pool entertainment arrived....

These guys were actually really good. 

They could dance and bend their bodies in ways that people should not be able to do and not one of them missed the jump rope. I would have BUSTED it. 

Saturday afternoon, we all went back to our room to watch the Georgia game. 

My other Ben aka Turtle. 

Our room looked like we were having a frat party. 

I look out one time and Ben is drinking Crown and Giner from our ice bucket. I guess that's what happens when you put a bunch of adults in an all inclusive during a Georgia game with no kids. ;) 

We were wild but it was a fun time! 

That evening for dinner we went to Japanese

I wore my new red and black dress in honor of the DAWGS win! 

The resort was gorgeous all lit up at night. 

If you are still with me, THANK YOU! Sorry for all the pictures but I want to have all the memories stored in one place. 

If you are planning a trip to Mexico and looking into this resort, don't hesitate to ask me. If I know the answer, I will happily help you out! 

Make sure to check back tomorrow for Days 3-6. 

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