So much to be Thankful for during our Thanksgiving Break...

Happy Tuesday Friends. I hope you have all recovered and are easing back into reality. I know yesterday was crazy busy for me!

We had such an awesome Thanksgiving Break and I can't wait to show you our fun!

Last Tuesday afternoon, Ella went to a JumpStreet with her friend, Brooklyn. I love their sweet friendship. 

Tuesday evening, We had Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents nursing home. Then Ella went home with my sister to stay until Thanksgiving day when we all meet at my mom's for lunch. 

Wednesday my sister sent me these pictures of her and Ella having so much fun! They made a "Christmas Village" and went to Babyland General.  

Meanwhile, I was at home preparing for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a skinny peppermint mocha. 

Wednesday afternoon, Ben had a minor procedure. 

Thursday morning, I enjoyed my coffee while watching The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Thanksgiving lunch at Grandma Deb's. 

We introduced my grandparents to SnapChat filters and they got a big kick out of that....

We LOVE our Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw SO MUCH. 

With Ben's procedure on Wednesday afternoon, he had to limit his activity so he stayed home. We missed him. But I am so thankful for these blessings. 

We can't wait to meet Baby Hunter soon. 

My sweet sister Tonya and my brother in law, Stacey! 

My cousin, Shonda with her boys! Jayce and Ryker. 

Ella loves her cousin, Eric. 

While at Grandma Deb's the kids and Stacey ventured into the woods to climb deer stands 

and find skulls. GROSS

Ben did move to the back deck for some fresh air and sent me this picture. 

After we left my mom's, we headed to Ben's aunt and uncles house for dessert. Some of Kathy's  (Ben's aunt) grandkids were sending the night with her so they wanted Ella to join them. I couldn't believe she wanted to stay since she had been gone for 2 nights already but she did. Kathy sent me these pictures. So sweet. She had the BEST TIME!! 

Friday afternoon, Grammy brought Ella home and we ventured to Michael's and Home Depot for a few deals but that was it. Then it was home to watch football on the back deck. The pups were loving the amazing weather as much as we were. 

Friday night, we CRASHED and we CRASHED hard. 

Friday night, Ian had his friend, Kade spend the night and Ella had her friend, Madelyn over. Saturday morning we went out for doughnuts. The girls wore their pj's! HA  

Saturday afternoon, we had friends over to watch the GA/GA Tech game. I love my Stephanie. 

Saturday night, we blew up the big screen in the backyard and watch Christmas Vacation. The Boswell girls joined us!! 

Sunday, the kiddos hung out with Grammy while Ben and I went and looked at a new to me Expedition. After several hours of back and forth, I came home with an Expedition. 

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving break. 

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