5 Simple Tips I Follow when Decluttering and Cleaning.

Hey Friends! Spring is starting to show her pretty face here in Georgia! 🙌 With warmer temps around the corner makes this mama want to declutter and clean all the things.

Here are 5 SIMPLE Tips that I follow for decluttering and cleaning.


For some reason, I tend to Declutter and Deep Clean in January, May, and late August. I have NO idea why but that's when I do it! Around those times, I start to feel very overwhelmed with my "to-do" list so I have to DUMP everything into a list. I break up each room into its own separate category so I can ✔ it off when it is complete. Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing ✔ marks on my to-do list. 


I'm sorry but there is nothing worse than running out of pledge when I'm trying to dust. So before I start cleaning, I check all my supplies to make sure that I have enough of each product. I'm trying to convert all my cleaning supplies to Plant Therapy Essential Oils but for right now I LOVE Mrs. Meyer's Brand. 


When I'm cleaning out a closet, a cabinet, a drawer, I take everything out. I start with a blank surface that I can CLEAN and then declutter/organize as I put it all back together. 


My rule of thumb is that if I haven't used it in 6 months then I donate it. I see no use in keeping it in a closet to collect dust. Now, I will say that I do use the bottom shelf of my linen closet to keep household "decorations" that I rotate through the house. BUT when I clean out that closet the next time, if I have "rotated" it then it goes to GoodWill. 


It's no secret that I LOVE my planner. 
(Confession: I have converted back to my Erin Condren Life Planner) after I posted this post. 
I schedule when I am going to declutter and clean. Unfortunately, I can't devote a full day to clean a specific room but I can devote a couple of hours each day. 
When I am ready to do my deep cleaning/decluttering, then I schedule it in my planner. That seems to work well for me because hello, I LOVE ✔ marks in my planner!  😉

How do you declutter and clean?  Any Tips I need to know about?? 

I have a few FAVORITE books that I read earlier this year that I love and have really helped me with de-cluttering not only with physical items but also emotional items. 

I just purchased this book

I also love a good challenge. This week Emily Ley is hosting her Ruthless Declutter Challenge along with Erin over at Simple Purposeful Living hosting her 7 Day 7 Rooms. 
Even though these challenges are not fitting into my life right now doesn't mean that I can use their knowledge and tips to follow when I am ready. 

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PLEASE, PLEASE comment below your FAVORITE tips and tricks for decluttering and cleaning! I can't wait to read them! 

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