How I Organize | Wrapping Paper

I'm excited to share another installment of my How I Organize... Series.

Today, I am going to share how I organize my wrapping paper. I use to HATE wrapping gifts because I had wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, etc. all shoved in a tub under my bed. It was awful.

So I started "researching" aka Pinterest wrapping paper organization. I found several systems that I liked but ultimately I went with this system from The Container Store. 

Now, I know the system is pricey but they have coupons and offer free shipping often so be on the lookout for those!

The door that I set up my system on is a coat closet near my craft room.

Here is how I set up my system...

On the top shelf, I store ribbon and greeting cards 

On the pegboard, I have hooks that hold gift bags and scissors. Along with trays that hold gift labels and tape. 

Right below the pegboard, I have a tray that holds gift cards/money! Apparently, I need to add these to my collection because I currently only have Christmas money holders. 

The last compartment holds my wrapping paper and tissue paper. 

My FAVORITE wrapping paper is this kraft roll. It is so versatile. It's even fun to let the kids decorate it. 

Just to be funny....this is how Ian wraps gifts! 🤣 ALL THE BOWS! 

How do you store your wrapping paper?? Any tips or tricks you wanna share?

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