Hello Monday | Baby Hunter Edition

Hello Monday! Hello, busy week! Both kids have field days and Ella has a field trip on Wednesday!

We had a super fun weekend! I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

Thursday evening, Ben and I went to a local liquor store where Ben joined a cigar club. A cigar rep was present with a different variety of cigars. We shared a bottle of wine, he smoked cigars, and we watched the NFL draft. 

Friday, the kids were out of school. Granddaddy took Ian to play golf, while Ella and I went to the middle school to decorate for the 8th-grade dance.
That evening, Ben and the kids hung out at home while I served drinks at the dance with these AWESOME ladies!

Saturday, Ben played in a golf tournament while the kids and I went to my mom's for lunch. We LOVED loving on baby Hunter. I can't believe he is almost 5 months old.

Saturday evening, Ben's parents came over to hang out with the kids while Ben and I went to Legend's for a wine dinner. We were sat at a table with Dr. Panoz, the founder of Chateau Elan along with the winemaker, Simone Bergese, and his wife. It was absolutely amazing to hear Dr. Panoz tell us about the history of Chateau Elan. I remember going to eat at the "castle" when I was a young girl. I thought I was so fancy. 
Listening to Simone explain the process of making wine was unbelievable. You could tell the wine is truly his passion.  

Date night with this guy is always a good time. 

Sunday morning, Ben and Ian hit the golf course while Trixie and I did this...

We did finally get up and going to celebrate this guy turning 1. My cousin, Shonda, her baby boy turned 1 on Friday!! 

Happy Birthday, Ryker!!! 

He LOVED his cake! 

We also got to love on this baby boy again!!! 

After the birthday party, Ella and I ran through Publix. Then it was home to finish laundry, pack lunches and snacks, eat dinner, shower, and make sure we have everything together for this week! 

Happy Monday Friends! We only have 18.5 more days of SCHOOL! YIPPEE!! 

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