Beach, Please II

Hey Friends!!

Today I am sharing Days 3-6 of our beach trip!!

beach, please

I mentioned yesterday that our Tuesday started with Bloody Mary's and Mudslides...

Then we went to check out the ocean.

My little golfer will play golf anywhere!! 

Walking back from the beach this was the view in front of me...

This was the view behind me...

Tuesday evening, we went out to dinner! Girls rule in the back seat! 

After dinner, we went to feed the alligators and play putt-putt! 

Love these two girls so much! 

my beautiful freckled face girl!  

After dinner and putt-putt, Grammy took the kids back to the condo while Ben and I took his dad to a local cigar bar.

I couldn't figure out this statue behind me. 

Wednesday, I didn't take a single picture! EEK! I can't even believe myself! I guess I was just enjoying family time too much! The guys went to the golf course while the girls curled up on the couch and watched The Greatest Show Man! 

Thursday, we spent the day at the pool again! 

We ended up going out to dinner again and I wore this comfy dress. 

and to the local cigar shop again...

Friday, we spent our last day at the pool and I finished my book! 

Friday night, we packed as much as we could and headed our drive home around 5:00 am Saturday, June 2nd!! 

We made a lot of great memories and can't wait to visit the beach again! 

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