Summer Bucket List

I can't believe the first day of Summer is tomorrow! My kids have been out of school for almost a month now and we are making lots of fun memories!
Today I am going to share our SUMMER BUCKET LIST...

1. Celebrate Fourth of July
2. Pick Blueberries
3. Visit a Farmer's Marker
4. Take a Road Trip
5. Go to the lake with friends
6. Make Homemade Popsicles
7. Catch Lightning Bugs
8. Visit my Sister at the Beach
9. Go to Nashville
10. Go to the Pool as much as possible.
11. Finish Project Scratch (Ella)
12. Lunch with Grandma Deb
13. Lunch with Ben 
14. Visit my Grandparents
15. Go to the Waterpark
16. Go to the Movies 
17. Have a PJ Day
18. Go Antique Shopping
19. Visit an Ice Cream Shop
20. Host a Sleepover
21. Go to a Wine Tasting
22. Deck Date Night

Do you have a Summer Bucket List? If so, what's one thing on it? Maybe I need to add it to our list!

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I am also sharing our Spring Bucket Update...

1. Celebrate Easter ✓

2. Enjoy Spring Break ✓

3. Pick Strawberries ✗
4. End of School Year celebration ✓

5. Spring Clean ✗
6. Make a Spring Treat ✗
7. Celebrate Ben's Birthday ✓

8. Celebrate Mother's Day ✓

9. Have Dinner on the Back Deck ✗
10. Movie Night Outside ✗
11. Visit the Farmer's Market ✗
12. Plant Flowers ✓

13. Put out Bird Feeders ✗
14. Go Antique Shopping ✗
15. Visit my Grandparents ✓

16. Go on a Family Walk ✗
17. Go on a Family Golf Outing ✓

18. Make a Spring Wreath ✗
19. Grill on the Back Deck ✓
(We grill as much as possible, I just didn't have a picture but I did enjoy a 'rita while Ben grilled fajita chicken) 

20. Make homemade ice cream/popsicles ✓

We crossed off 10 out of 20 on the list!! I'll take it!! 

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