Beach, Please

Happy Tuesday!! Hope your week is off to a great start!

We headed to a sunny beach in south Florida for a week of relaxing and sunshine!! I was finally able to get caught up from vacation and get all my pictures uploaded and edited!!

Today I am going to share days 1& 2 of vacation!!

beach, please

We arrived at the condo around 5 pm on Saturday, May 26. We unloaded, went to the grocery store, grabbed a pizza for dinner! Then the rest of the night looked a lot like this...

Sunday we were up and ready to hit the pool! 

Later that morning, we decided to walk down to the beach to check it out! Tropical Storm Alberto was coming through so the water was pretty rough. 

Since the water was so rough, we walked back to the condo to enjoy the pool some more. 

Not a bad view for a Sunday afternoon! 

After the pool, we ended up exploring the condo complex! 

We grilled chicken and veggies for dinner!! SO GOOD!! 

Apparently, I didn't take any pictures on Monday, May 28th but we stayed at the pool for most of the day because the ocean was still rough. The guys played golf. AND NO ONE TOOK PICTURES. 😠

For Memorial Day, we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner!! 

Tuesday, we started the day off with a bloody mary and a mudslide for a walk on the beach! 

I will share the rest of our Tuesday tomorrow because it's picture heavy! As the week went on, I took fewer and fewer pictures. 😜

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