Friday Favorites | Sky Valley Edition

Happy Friday Friends! I hope everyone had a great week. Does 4 day weeks mess anyone else up? I feel like I have been a hot mess all week. Please tell me I am not alone???

Today's Friday Favorites are going to be a little different because I am recapping our Labor Day Weekend Getaway to one of our FAVORITE places...Sky Valley, GA!

Last Friday, We loaded EVERYONE up and headed to the mountains. We did drop Daisy, the guinea pig, off at my mom's. We were packed in tight until we got to my mom's. 

We arrived around 5:30 and this was our view. A FAVORITE for sure. 

The boys played pool for a little while. 

Later that evening, Grammy and Granddaddy arrived with pizza and groceries!! 
 Kelly & Tommy (Ben's aunt and uncle) along with their grandson, Brayden arrived. 

The boxed wine minus the box started flowing! 

These sisters made up for lost time...The youngest and oldest sister! 

Saturday morning, the boys hit the golf course while the girls took a 30-minute drive up the mountain to Highlands, NC but not before we found COLLEGE GAME DAY! 

They had it rough strolling the stores and sidewalks of Highland's 😉 

Granddaddy got this AWESOME shot of Ian on Saturday morning. It's my new FAVORITE golf picture of him. 

I watched my FAVORITE team with my FAVORITE guy! 

my new FAVORITE Bulldawg cup! It's a plastic wine glass. It's AWESOME. 

Ben helped Kelly figure out how to watch her FAVORITE team, Norte Dame. 

All my FAVORITE people plus my FAVORITE pups. 

Duke's FAVORITE spot for the weekend. 

Saturday evening, we enjoyed this view. 

Sunday morning was pretty much a repeat of Saturday morning. Guys headed to the course while the girls headed back to Highlands for more shopping. 

Granddaddy did AWESOME on taking pictures. The Sky Valley Golf Course is one of my guy's FAVORITE courses to play. 

Late Sunday afternoon, we walked down to a waterfall. 

They were matching in their FAVORITE Columbia shirts. Seriously, they both wear these shirts all the time. 

When we got back to the house, I poured a glass of wine in my FAVORITE Yeti. 

This sunset will go down as one of my FAVORITES. I mean just look at it...

It was a fantastic weekend with some of my FAVORITE people. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend. 

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