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We are right at a month away from Fall Break. This year the kids get 6 days off. We are so excited. Fall means pumpkins, football, leaves falling, apple cider, bonfires but it also means ROAD TRIPS for my family. A weekend trip to the mountains is a great trip for us. It can be a day trip or a weekend getaway. Either way road trip essentials are a must. Before we know it, it will be the holidays and we are on the road a lot during that time.

Every time we hit the road here are a few FUN items that are a MUST:

1. Snacks and Drinks. 

This one is a given. I have a 13-year-old son that thinks he needs to eat every 5 minutes so a 2-hour road trip with him would just be torture for everyone.
I use my Urban Southern Market Tote for our road trip snack bag. The kids fill up their Yeti tumblers with a drink. I do not generally pack a cooler for short road trips but if I did this one would be a perfect size.

2. Entertainment.

As the kids have gotten older, road trips have gotten easier. When they were younger my minivan had a dvd player in it which was awesome for road trips. Now their entertainment fits in their hand. Ian and Ella each have a phone and ipad so they use those to watch movies, youtube videos, or listen to music in the car. Grammy bought them each a pair of Airpods and they are amazing. They even fit and stay in Ella's ears. I bought them each one of these kits for their airpods. 
Ben loves listening to old country music on road trips. Just recently, we subscribed to Apple Music and love it.

3. Pillows and Blankets.

Ben drives every where we go so in his mind he thinks he gets to control the temperature in the car. Well, we can't have a sleepy driving all warm and cozy so the temperature in our vehicle is freezing. Ella and I always make sure we have blankets with us. We love this (similar)  fleece travel blanket by Vera Bradley because it folds up and into a pocket which then makes it a pillow. Not only is it super soft but it's perfect for a car or plane.

4. Google Maps. 

It's really important to know where you are going and how to get there correctly. Nothing gets the people in our car cranky like getting lost and having to be in the car even longer.
Ben and I both have iPhones and we love using Google Maps. Both of our vehicles have navigation but we both choose to use our phones instead. Plus, I really like knowing our ETA. What map app do you use?

5. Favorite People. 

Of course, the most important part of a road trip is who you experience it with. Most of the time, the whole mood of the trip starts in the car so it's crucial to enjoy the people. 😉 We love traveling with family but some of our favorite trips are just the 4 of us. We have been to Disney World, Universal Studios, Pigeon Forge, Dollywood, New Smyrna Beach and many more places.

I also make sure to have these essentials in the car with us, as well. They are not as fun but very important.
1. Jumper cables
2. Bottled waters
3. First aid kit
4. Phone Chargers & portable chargers
5. Umbrella
6. Ice Scraper
7. Spare Tire/jack
8. Sunglasses
9. License, Registration, & Insurance
10. Garbage bags

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What are your essentials for a road trip??

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