Friday Favorites | It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you all had a fantastic week getting back into the groove of life after a Holiday! It's been a crazy busy week here but lots of fun in the process!

I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week.

I know I sound like a broken record but seriously I am so thankful that so many people are purchasing from my little shop and I get to be a part of their gift-giving experience this Holiday Season. It just makes me SO HAPPY! I am at 1014 sales since I opened my shop and my goal was to reach 1200 sales in 2018. I probably will not get 186 sales in the next month (and that's ok) because I am pretty dang proud of my little shop. and how much it has grown. 

These two items have been a FAVORITE in the shop this week. 

I did a little redesigning to this glass and it has gotten a great response. 

Monogrammed Jewelry Dish This is my FAVORITE! I use mine every day! 

I have gone back to my at home Beachbody workouts instead of hitting the gym lately because I have been so busy and I'm not gonna lie getting a GREAT workout in 30 minutes is my FAVORITE. I started the LIIFT 4 program and holy moly! 

Yesterday I shared how Ella and I created DIY Christmas Essential Oil Recipes. The Peppermint is seriously my FAVORITE! I created a roller ball with the peppermint oil and coconut oil so I can apply to my wrist to inhale whenever I start to feel "stuffy" and it has helped me SO MUCH!! This holiday season you will find me inhaling all the peppermint essential oils while drinking my peppermint mochas. 😉

Wednesday evening we showered one of our FAVORITE couples with a baby shower at Ben's office. Paige is one of his sales reps. She is pure precious and due in 3 weeks with Baby girl Charlie. I can't wait to SQUEEZE her. 

Well, I have officially found my new FAVORITE cake lady. Another one of Ben's co-workers made this BEAUTIFUL cake. It was so pretty I hated to cut into it but I'm glad I did because it was DELICIOUS. Too bad I have already ordered Ian's cake for Saturday. 

It really is my most FAVORITE time of year. I just love waking up each morning and turning on my Christmas Tree. I have a Christmas Home Tour planned in a few weeks and I can't wait to share all my decor with you guys! 

Have I ever shared my most FAVORITE Christmas picture ever with y'all? This is Santa Ben with Santa Baby, Ian. I mean can you even handle the cuteness? 

Last but certainly not least. I had my last weigh-in for the month yesterday and I was down another 1.4. I lost a total of 0.2 this month but remember my goal was to just maintain my current weight loss of 15.4 but now it is 15.6! 

What is one of your FAVORITE things that happened this week?? Let me know in the comments! 

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