Hello Monday | Pugfest Edition

Happy Monday! The kids are out of school this week for Thanksgiving break. We have a busy but fun week planned.

As usual, I am recapping our weekend! Grab out graphic and join us!

Thursday evening, PTO hosted Holiday Paint Night at Ella's school. Her best friend, Addison joined her. 

I love their finished product! Sweetest little snowmen. 

Friday morning, Ella had her book character parade at school. She dressed up as Bambi because she wanted to wear her deer pajamas. #easypeasey 

The parade was supposed to be outside but it was so COLD so they loved it inside. 

Here comes my little Bambi...

The rest of Friday was spent running errands, a clean sweep of the house, laundry, & carpool. 

That evening Ben and Ian went to a high school basketball while Ella went to a friends house to play and ended up going out to dinner with her family so mama enjoyed a little quiet time on the couch.

Saturday morning, Ben and Ian headed off to the golf course while I enjoyed my coffee and reading the new edition of Magnolia Journal. 

I packaged up about 8 orders and dropped them off at the post office and listed 2 new items in the shop. 

This about sums up my life... Mom Life 

Saturday afternoon, we took the pups to Pugfest. We love this event each year. 

Just a girl and her pug. 

We met up with our other pug loving family. Ella and Brooklyn with Trixie and Pugsley. 

Our annual Pugfest picture. 

I was on the Puglanta- Pugfest 2018 Facebook page and look who made an appearance. They took lots of pictures of both pups so I hope they add more pictures throughout the week so I can see them. 

I didn't see this sign when I was at Pugfest but I think I need to order it... It's PERFECT for me. 😉

Saturday evening, we went to The Smith's to watch the game and celebrate Conyer's 14th Birthday. 

Love my Stephanie! 

Love the ladies so much! 

Sunday, my boys headed back to the golf course. Ella spent the night with Addison so I went to pick her up Sunday morning and ended up helping Stephanie cook breakfast for all the boys that spent the night with Conyer. 
The rest of the day was spent catching up on laundry, a few household chores, and a NAP! It was glorious.  

We had a fun weekend and looking forward to a fun week with lots of time spent with family.


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