One Happy Island

If you are a long time reader than you know that Ben and I go on his President's Trip every November with his company. He is in sales so if his team hits their number than Ben makes the trip! We look forward to this little get away every year!

So last Wednesday, we left for the airport around 6am. Grammy and Granddaddy came to hold down the fort.

Wednesday, November 6th.

Ready to head to A R U B A!

We landed in Aruba at 3:50 so by the time we got to our resort it was a little after 5 and we had cocktails at 6 with dinner at 7. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Aruba 

We managed to get unpacked, ready, and down to cocktails at 6:30! 

I mean this is a great selfie to start our vacation off with, right?? 

Jamie, Turtle, Carly, and Josh.

Love these sweet girls. Melissa and Carly.

We crashed close to 11PM. 

Thursday, November 7

I woke up to this view. I mean it's a great view to wake up to, right? 

Around 8am, we went to breakfast.

Look at the Koi pond.

Iguanas are everywhere on the Island of Aruba.

We walked down to the beach.

We spent Thursday hanging out at the pool.

I asked Melissa to snap the above picture of Ben and I and then I found all of the following pictures on my phone!

I made all the girls plastic wine glasses for the trip.

Unfortunately, one of Ben's co-workers got extremely dehydrated and was rushed to the ER. Ben went with him and his wife. Ben finally made it back to the resort around 7:30. That afternoon I hung out on the beach with some other co-workers but we were all a mess waiting for updates from Ben. His co-worker ended up staying overnight at the hospital but is doing great now.

We had a late dinner and then fell into bed.

Friday, November 8th. 

We started the morning with breakfast and then met the group for a day on a catamaran.

Just a swinging. It was so windy and the water was moving, so that explains Ben's face because we were laughing so hard trying to stay on the rope! HA 

 Like I mentioned earlier, I made all the girls plastic wine glasses so we had to get a few pictures. 😉

 It was a GREAT day and we got back to the resort around 2pm.

Friday night we went to dinner at the steakhouse on property.

Ben got a fancy coffee. It was delicious. It was espresso, Bailey's, and Amaretto.

After dinner, Ben went to the Casino while I sat at the bar with these lovely ladies.

Saturday, November 9th

Some of the group took jeep rides around the island but Ben and I decided to stay on property.

They had a few birds in cages. So pretty

Sarah got these great shots of some of the iguanas.

Hanging by the pool waiting on the Georgia game.

Supporting our DAWGS all the way in Aruba.

Saturday evening we found a seat at the bar to eat dinner and watch the game.

wearing all the red and black. 

Wearing my Fly Girl LipSence with Red Glitter Gloss 

Not a bad place to watch the game.

Group photo!

 Ben and I headed back to the room at halftime and I didn't make it to the end of the game.

Sunday, November 10th 

We enjoyed one last breakfast, packed our bags, and headed to the airport around 1:30. We arrived in Atlanta at 6:50pm. We pulled into our driveway a little after 9pm and HUGGED our babies.

It was a great trip and we are already excited about next year's trip.

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