Christmas 2019

Hello Monday! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I didn't mean to take all of last week off but either myself or Ella was sick so we enjoyed Christmas and just layed low.

I hope you will grab a cup of coffee (or wine😉) and read all about our Christmas memories!

Let's back it up to Thursday, December 19th- We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with The Boswell's. We had a quick dinner at CFA and then headed to see the lights. 

When we got there Ben purchased a few pair of the 3D glasses and 2 light bulb necklaces for the girls. 

The guys were so funny holding the glasses up to their faces.

Our beautiful Bailey! 

They were cracking up because the flash on my phone turned 3D, as well! 

We just stood there looking at the beautiful lights! 

Love this sweet hubby of mine! 

The Bramlett and Boswell kiddos! 

Bailey, LeighAnne, and Brett. Rob got tied up at work so he couldn't make it 😢We sure did miss him. 

It was such a fun light with lots of laughter and memories made. 

Friday, December 20th was a half day for the kids so I dropped them off at school, went to the gym, and went back and picked them up! HA 

Later that afternoon, looked a lot like this...

Cozy & Naps. 

Trixie was more than happy to take a nap. 

I finally got myself up and ready. Ben picked me up around 5 and we headed to the mall for last minute Christmas shopping! But not before dinner and a drink to prepare ourselves for the crowds. 

Then a nightcap at Tin Lizzy's for 3 amigos. 

Saturday, December 21st. We had Christmas with my sweet mama. 

I was so excited to give her part of her gift because she loved my sweater and couldn't find it at her Belk in her size but I found it and surprised her with it! 

 Then it was pure chaos of present opening after that. 

TonTon knows Ian loves moonpies so she got him 2 big boxes! 

Sweet Maw-Maw 


Promoted to BIG BROTHER! YIPPEE! Next Christmas we will have 2 new BABIES! 

That evening my gang went home and crashed on the back porch to watch Christmas Vacation. 

Sunday, December 22nd, We went to my Dad's for Christmas breakfast and I didn't take ONE picture. How sad is that?? I guess we were to busy enjoying each other's company. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures. 

Around 2:00, we went to Ben's aunt, Debbie's, house for The Bramlett Christmas gathering. 

One the way home, Ben dropped me off at a friend's house for a FAVORITE things party. 

It was a long but fun-filled day!! 

Tuesday, December 24th- Christmas Eve- We went to the 10:30 candlelight service at church and then lunch at Ninja. When we got home Ella was running a fever so we just relaxed the rest of the day praying we were not going to have to go to Urgent Care. 

The motrin kicked in and around 6, she came downstairs and opened a gift one of her teachers gave her. 

Shortly after that everyone started heading to their beds and by 9:00, I had Christmas presents out for the next morning and headed upstairs myself. 

Christmas eve looked a little different this year. Ella was running a fever and I was battling a chest cold. They don't believe in Santa anymore so they don't want to leave out cookies or milk. 😢 

Wednesday, December 25th- Christmas morning, Ian was in Ella's room at 5:39 (She knew the exact time) so Ian sent the dogs to wake me up. I got up took them out, fed them breakfast, started a pot of coffee, turned on the lights, and lit a candle.

A little after 6, they all came downstairs. A low grade fever was still hanging on but she managed to open presents. 

After opening presents, Ella and I went to lay back down. Neither one of us was feeling great. Ben started cooking breakfast. 

Around 9:30, Grammy and Granddaddy came over for the day. Ian got a new putter. 

Ella got a new Apple Watch and the James Charles makeup brushes. Luckily, her fever broke and NEVER returned. Thank the Lord. 

A little bit later, Chris and Kim came over with the pups. We love Penny Lou. 

A little before 2:00, we started cooking dinner. Look who helped in the kitchen. 


We set the table with my favorite china. 

and enjoyed a yummy dinner of Ritz Cracker Chicken, Au Guin Potatoes, Fried Okra, Mashed Potatoes, Lima Beans, and Dumplings. 

After the first round of dishes were in the dishwasher, I sat on one couch and Granddaddy sat on the other...

While the others played the never ending game of Monopoly. 

Penny Lou enjoyed snuggles on the couch with Aunt Heather. Just look at that face. 

Thursday, December 26th- I started taking down all the Christmas decorations. My chest cold was still hanging on so I took it slow. Ben went into the office for a little while and Granddaddy took Ian to the golf course. 

Ben met Mike and Ian at the golf course so once they got home. We curled up on the couch and just relaxed. 

Friday, December 27th, I dropped both kids off at the golf course to meet Ben. I came home and finished putting the house back together, started a new book, and finished it while sitting outside with a glass of wine, my blanket, and the heater.  

Saturday, December 28th- My guys headed to the golf course, Ella slept in, and I worked on the longest blog post ever. (the one you are reading). Then the girls went to Long Horn's for lunch, Ulta, Target, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods. 

Ella went to a friend's house for her birthday party while Ian talked us into playing Monopoly. 

Sunday, December 29th- Ella declared a lazy day! The boys did sneak in a round of golf and I worked in my craft room. 

Bless you if you read this whole post! Whew-it was a long one! I am thankful the kids have another week off before it's back to school. 

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