Happy 15th Birthday, Ian

I can't even believe I just titled this post Happy 15th Birthday, Ian. 15...I can't even believe it. In my eyes he will always be this sweet BABY. 

I know I share this picture every year on his birthday but it really is one of my favorite pictures of him from the NICU!

Just like previous birthday post I am sharing some pictures of my sweet boy in honor of his 15th birthday.

January- He played in his first golf tournament for his league.

February- He took his friend that happens to be a girl her favorite drink from dunkin donuts on Valentine's Day, of course!  ;)

He played in more tournaments. It was a rare warm day. Crazy that he was wearing shorts and short sleeves in February.

March- Started off with more Golf... I know y'all are shocked that I have a ton of pictures of Ian playing golf.

He started High School golf as an 8th grader.

Went to his 8th Grade Formal.

April- More golf.

Celebrated Easter

Enjoyed the lake for Spring Break.

Went to the Kip Moore concert and ate at New York Prime for the first time.

May- He got his braces OFF.

Was a groomsman in my nieces' wedding.

Loved on his mama for Mother's Day

and graduated 8th grade.

and ended the month with a trip to the lake again.

June- Enjoyed another day on the water celebrating Father's Day Weekend.

and spent Father's Day on the golf course with his #1 FAN!

July- Celebrated 4th of July with some of his buddies.

Went to PCB to visit my sister and drove us back and forth to the beach.

He really does love his mama.

August- Ian started high school and a piece of my heart broke even more with all this growing up business. 

September- He took his first trip to Nashville and got to see the DAWGS play.

Went to his first HoCo!

October- Enjoyed a quick but fun trip to the lake.

and enjoyed all things FALL.

November- Played in his Tour Championship. 

all while his biggest supporter cheered his along.

Ended the month driving his sister CRAZY! #bigbrothers

We love you BUBS! Happy 15th!

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