Friday Favorites | New York City

Hey Hey Friday! Why are the 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Break the SLOWEST of the entire YEAR? I mean we are so busy but I feel like it drags all at the sametime. Anyone else?

On a different note, please let me share with you our SHORT but AMAZING trip to NEW YORK CITY! It was a FAVORITE for sure!

So Ben and I left super early the Saturday after Thanksgiving to catch a flight to NYC. One of his manufacturer's takes a few of them each year to the big apple and this year I got to tag along. Please note, this was my first time to NYC! We had 10 in total.

First things First...Pit Stop for Breakfast and a Mimosa.

NYC. Here we come. Bernie (Ben's VP), Ben, and ME!

Love this guy!

Getting ready to land. 

and look who I spotted... Lady Liberty.

We landed and a car was waiting on us to check into the hotel. We stayed at The Renaissance.

View from our room.

After we quickly dropped off our bags, I had to go see the famous MACY'S!

Taking in all the views and walking to TIME SQUARE.

Selfie in the middle of TIME SQUARE.  Yes, Ben is listening to the Georgia Game and giving me updates 😉

The famous Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Hello Good Morning America.

 Then I just stood there and took it all in...

We started walking back to meet everyone else and I saw Broadway.

We finally met up with everyone else at a soccer bar and streamed the 2nd half of the Georgia game. Only my hubby would go to NYC and order nachos. 😉

We watched the start of the BAMA game.

When we got to the hotel, our room was the only one ready so everyone else left early from the bar to check in before dinner while Ben and I walked back toward Time Square...

It totally cracked me up that there was this huge Red Lobster.

Thank goodness no one had to go here...

We made our way toward SAKS Fifth Avenue and the outside of the building was AMAZING. The lights changed colors in tune to the music.

Once we got into SAKS, this happen....

Happy 40th to ME! My 40th Birthday is January 9th. Thank you BEN!

We had dinner reservations at Carmine at 6:00 but we were a little late. I was snapping more pictures as we were hurrying to dinner.

After dinner, we went to a bar. I can't remember the name of it.

Melissa and I waiting to cross the street. Ben looks thrilled 😜

We eventually went to another bar and then I told Ben I wanted to see the Rockefeller tree even though I knew it wouldn't be lit. Look how HUGE and how SAD.

I did watch the LIVE broadcast of it Wednesday night.

We finally crashed around 12:30. We were up around 8, got ready, and headed to Andrew's Coffee Shop for breakfast. It was so GOOD!

Around 11:30, we made it to MetLife Stadium for the Giants/Packers game.

Thank goodness we were in a suite.

Because when it started snowing, this southern girl about FROZEN to death.

It was starting to stick to their  clothes and hair.

We FaceTimed the kids and they thought it was so cool but when the wind picked up my southern blood stayed nice and toasty in the suite.

We landed in Atlanta around 9:45 Sunday night. It was a quick but really fun trip! I can't wait to go back and take the kids.

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