Our Week with Golf & an Overnight Date

Hello Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to celebrate all the dads in your life!

Grab our Graphic and Join us!!

Monday, June 15th- 

I went to Flex class and then to the grocery store! Then I got ready really quick and we headed to the golf course because Ella's bestie, Addison, has been wanting to try her hand at golf. Well let me tell you she can hit a golf ball.

Here was my quick red, white, and blue look!

It came a DOWNPOUR so we waited out the rain by making tik toks...

and playing pool!

Finally we got to play....

Ella helped her every step of the way.

Then Ian and his friend, Walt, caught up with us.

We dropped Addison off and then hurried home for dinner, showers, and bed.

Tuesday, June 16th- 

I hopped on the Peloton and cleaned up part of the house then it was time to take the kids to the orthodontist for a retainer check up.

Then it was back home to finish cleaning, dying my roots, blogging, and cleaning out the fridge! HA Adulting is so fun sometimes!

I do love finding these selfies on my phone, though.

Wednesday, June 17th-

It was just a normal day at the house. I went to Flex class and then we just hung out at the house! My mom sent me this picture of her holding baby Daniel!!

We ended the evening hanging out on the back deck.

Thursday, June 18th- 

I went to the allergist that morning. I was tested on 40 common allergies and I was highly allergic to grass which explains why I am always sneezing and itching at the golf course! However, grass and wheat, under a microscopic, have the same protein so that explains my sensitivity to gluten.

Then I came home to take an allergy pill because I was itching like crazy.

Later that day, I found more selfies ;)

I also made this summer sangria and it was heavenly. I am sharing the recipe on Friday.

Friday, June 19th- 

I dropped Ian off at the golf course, had my blood drawn for some more testing and then went to the gym.

Once I got home, I worked on orders and then Ella and I got ready and headed to the course for her first one on one golf lesson at 2PM. I had a 3PM spa appointment for a pedicure and it was so NICE. Once Ella got finished with her lesson, her and grammy headed to Home Goods and Ulta while the guys played 9 holes. I meet up with them for the last 4 holes. After that, Ian and Granddaddy headed home while Ben and I headed to one of the cottages for the evening. We went to dinner and then just relaxed.

Right after we took these pictures, it came a DOWNPOUR so we headed inside for dinner.

Saturday, June 20th- 

We enjoyed a slow morning and then walked over to the club for coffee and mimosas while we waited for Grammy, Granddaddy, Ian, and Ella. We enjoyed a quick lunch then went out for a round of golf.

We picked up pizza and greek salad for dinner and an early bed time.

Sunday, June 21st- 

Happy Father's Day to Ben. He woke up with his allergies all sorts of crazy. We did end up going to church and lunch with The Boswell's but then it was home to chill. The kids played outside, I did laundry, and blogged!!

Cheers to a great week!

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