Summer Bucket List 2020

Well we have been out of school for a few weeks now but SUMMER doesn't officially start until June 20th but here in Georgia it is already HOT so today I thought I would share our summer bucket list.

I know for many of you, your state has not "reopened" yet but here in Georgia we are open and ready to get down to business. I also know many of you disagree with that decision and that's ok! We are doing what we feel is safe for OUR family not anyone else's. We are back to normal around here and I ONLY wear a mask if it is required so that means the doctor's office and the nail salon. #keepyourcommentstoyourself. 

But enough with the heavy, let's share some fun! 

This list is going to be a mixture of family and individuals of our family...

1. Go Blueberry or Blackberry Picking
2. Watch a Movie Outside
3. Make Smores.
4. Go to the Lake as many times as possible
5. Go to the Pool as many times as possible. 
6. Play Golf as many times as possible. 
7. Read several books.
8. Go Antique Shopping.
9. Go on a GIRLS Trip.
10. Have a Photoshoot.
11. Make Homemade Ice Cream. 
12. Go on a Road Trip.
13. Visit my Sister. 
14. Finish a few House Projects.
15. Host a spend the night party. 
16. Watch Fireworks.
17. Intentionally Celebrate Different Friends.
18. Play Games Outside.
19. Visit my Grandmother.
20. Go to a Farmers Market
21. Have a Pajama Day.
22. Have a Movie/NetFlix Marathon. 
23. Go to the Beach.
24. Have a Mother/Son date.
25. Have a Mother/Daughter date. 
26. Have a Father/Son date.
27. Have a Father/Daughter date. 
28. Late Night Sonic run.
29. Get a Tan.
30. Meet our new Nephew, Daniel. 

What is on your Summer Bucket List??

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