Our Week with New LipSense, a Photo Shoot, and All the Pups

 Happy Monday Friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We sure did!! Like normal I am recapping our week and weekend! Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite wine and join us! 

Monday, August 3rd- 

These pictures were suppose to be added to the recap of the JGO but Leigh Anne sent them to me late so I am adding them today. She knows I am giving her a hard time so I can say that! She knows I LOVE her!

Love my Grammy and Bailey! 

Tuesday, August 4th- 

I was all in WW mode. Y'all I have got to lose some of this weight that I have gained during Corona. It's serious! I can do it if I post about it here and y'all help keep me accountable!! 

I also took pictures of my SeneGence stock.  680837 if you wish to shop! 

Then LOOK WHAT ARRIVED IN THE MAIL! I was a HUGE Twilight fan. Like my group of friends went to the midnight showings of the movies and book releases!! SO MUCH FUN!! 

When you are counting points and trying to limit your wine intake, you get the little bottles. 😂 I promise I am NOT an alcoholic. 

But then you add pretty flower arrangements and everything is better. Sunflowers and Hydrangeas are my FAVORITE!

I had big plans for a SUPER, CUTE mini taco board but apparently my family didn't get the memo and they ate half the tacos before I could get anything photographed. 

Trader Joe's mini tacos are their FAVORITE! 

Then to end the night Senegence released this AMAZING Shadowsence set!! I have already sold so many sets! I can't wait to try it myself. 

Wednesday, August 5th- 

I shared this AMAZING Satin Matte Lip Gloss collection.  They are SO AMAZING!! 

Of Course between all of the SeneGence, I have been working on all the GLITTER!! I had a request for Birthday Girl and Birthday Squad tumblers! So CUTE! 

Wednesday evening, we found out that our county was going to start all DIGITAL and slowly open up to in school. It's not what we were planning for and it is NOT what we voted for but it is what it is and we will make the best of it!! 

Thursday, August 6th- 

Which lead me to thinking about our "Let's Taco 'bout Going Back to School" table. This year will look pretty much the same in decor BUT the next morning this same table will transfer into their DESK! 

Thursday morning, we went back to school supply shopping, had lunch with Talia, and then had a fun photo shoot! 

Then Miss. Priss played 9 holes with her daddy and brother. 

Then Ella had to set up her "desk" 

Friday, August 7th- 

I tried out the new Big City LipSence Collection. 

I also spent part of the afternoon finding the 'Perfect' red LipSense for one of Ben's co-workers! that was a lot o fun! 

We just chilled Friday evening and went to bed early! 

Saturday, August 8th- 

My boys hit the course while Ella and I stayed home and worked around the house! Grammy picked her up around 1:45 to head to Target, Home Goods, and Old Navy! Then everyone came back to our house to grill out chicken and watch golf! 

It's a shame that the pups are just miserable at my house! 😂😂😂😂😂

Everyone left around 7, I worked on this post, Ella worked on a puzzle, and the boys continued to watch golf before bed. 

Sunday, August 9th- 

My boys went to the course while Ella and I went to church. After church, We meet the guys at the course for lunch! Ian and Ella stayed with Chris and Kim to play a round of golf while Ben and I went to a wedding!! 

It's our LAST WEEK before school starts back. We will make the most of it!! 

xoxo Heather 

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