Taco 'Bout going Back to School

 Happy Wednesday Friends! We are on day 3 of digital learning and so far so good. They are both handling it like champs but are so ready to be back in the classroom. 

Today I am sharing our annual back to school dinner and our first day of school pictures! 

Sunday, August 16th I sat up our Taco 'Bout going Back to School dinner. 

I kept it pretty simple this year. 

Love all my Mud Pie pieces. 

Monday morning, we were all up and ready for the first day of school. I had to take their annual "first day of school" pictures if it they were staying at home. 

Me: Ella smile
Ella: Hang on, Mom. 

She can stop growing now. 

She loves her new book bag to carry to the dining room table. 😉

Love my big 10th grader. 

I got a little smile. I'm just thankful that he held the sign! HA 

She loves her big brother. 

She was so excited about her new "desk"

It was bring your pet to school day! 😉

Trixie has really enjoyed "digital learning". She loves her kids being home with her all day! 

So tell me...Have your kids gone back to school? Is their school virtual or in-person?? 

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