Our Week with Visiting the Babies and the JGO!

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! It was the weekend of the annual JGO golf tournament and we had a BLAST! If you blogged today, make sure you link up below! I am recapping last week into the weekend! 


Monday, July 27th- 

Bailey and Brett picked up my kids to go play golf but Ian didn't make it. His stomach was still bothering him so he and I took a trip to the ER. He was showing signs of dehydration. We had an issue with this when he was 4, as well. In the ER, they ran blood work and urine stamps and it all lead to either a stomach bug or dehydration. They administrated a bag of fluids with pain meds and nausea medicine. Luckily, by the end of the ER visit he was feeling much better. 

In the meantime, these 4 were living it up on the golf course missing Ian!! 

Tuesday, July 28th

I had to drop Duke off at the vet to have his teeth cleaned. They also had to pull 7 teeth. My mama heart broke for him. I picked him up as fast as they would let me. 

Duke couldn't eat before his cleaning so I had these 2 faces looking at me like " Mom, we are ready for breakfast" 

Look who missed their big brother when he was gone...

Sweet Boy did so good and luckily was back to his normal self Tuesday evening. 

It's exhausting worrying about your brother all day! 

Wednesday, July 29th-

I finally got to workout with my FAVORITE trainer again. Becca started a gym in her garage and it is amazing!! I have never been so happy to workout before! 

After my workout I had to take my MAC to a Simply MAC to be worked on. So 
I ran to Trader Joe's and Hobby Lobby. I will share my TJ's haul in a few weeks. 

I picked up this cute tray...

It was 40% off. I can't wait to use it! 

I also got my hydrangeas planted. 

Wednesday evening, Ella was able to go to a youth event. She had so much fun!! 

Thursday, July 30th-

The day started off with the pups getting groomed then we went to meet the newest members of the family. 

Daniel and Easton. Ella and I were in BABY HEAVEN. 

Look how big Hunter is now playing with his granddaddy's toys. 

My sister, Tonya, with her youngest grandson, Easton. 


Ella holding Baby Daniel. 

After we tore ourselves away from the babies, we made a Sam's run and I was so happy to find my GEORGIA Platters. It's the same things right now! HA 

Then we came home to unload and I found Ian like this....

He cleaned out his closet and drawers and found his old Elf pj's!! This picture just cracks me up!! 

Sweet Bailey sent Ella this shirt from Cutting Creative. 

Friday, July 31st- 

I had my second training session with Becca and it felt SO GOOD!

After working out, I had an appointment to have the carpets cleaned and then we spend the day getting everything ready for the JGO on Saturday!! 

By Friday afternoon, I poured a glass of Pinot, put on my pj's, and chillin' with the pups. 

Saturday, August 1st-

We held the 15th annual JGO golf tournament in memory of Ben's grandfather. 

It was a great day! Colleen, Myself, Leigh Anne, and Bailey were the cart girls. When everyone was finished we came back in to give out awards and announce the raffle winners.

Kim was so excited she won a raffle price. 

Sunday, August 2nd- 

Ben's aunt and uncle were in town for the JGO so we all went out to play golf again and had the BEST time. 

Kelly and Ella were dancing it up on the course! 

Love these ladies! 

After golf, we grabbed a late lunch at the club then headed home to get ready for the week ahead!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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