Gift Guide for Teen Girls

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Happy Wednesday Y'all! How is your week going so far?? I am sharing another gift guide today!! I'm sharing gift ideas for TEEN GIRLS! 

Ella has all of these items and LOVES them all. 

1. Airpod Pros- Her Grammy just upgraded her airpods to the Pros and she loves this pair even more then the regulars ones. She has no problem with them staying in her little girls. 

2. Airpod Pro Case- Of Course she needed a case to protect them. She likes having the key ring on them to hang on her purse, bookbag, binder, etc. 

3. Apple Watch- She has had an Apple Watch for a few years now and LOVES it. She loves tracking her steps and exercise. Plus she likes being able to send a quick response to a text message. 

4. Apple Watch Bands- Well of course you have to have bands to match your outfits. This is a great pack. This is my FAVORITE band. 

5. Apple Macbook Air- Are you sensing a pattern yet? We are a huge Apple family. She has had this laptop for a couple of years and it's been great. It's been a huge help with all this digital learning. She also has this carrying case. Along with this hard cover. 

6. Books- I am so excited that Ella has become quite the little reader. Girl after my own heart. She was gifted Ghost Hunters. Even though you would think to read this book before Halloween, however it's a great read anytime of the year. Let us review it for you...


Twelve-year-old Alex may have lost his ability to play sports, but he gained the ability to see ghosts. Now he must figure out how to put an evil spirit to rest--or die trying.

Once an athlete and popular kid, Alex is in a terrible car accident that severely injures his hip and leaves him with a rare power: he can hear and see ghosts. All Alex wants is to be normal. But when a malevolent spirit begins haunting him, Alex must accept his unwanted psychic powers and work with his best friend, his paranormal investigator cousin, and two friendly spirits to solve the mystery of the bones in the wall and put the vicious ghost to rest. If he fails, he'll lose his family and friends to a gruesome fate.


I really like that the story takes places in New Orleans since New Orleans is known to be haunted. I found it really interesting that after Alex was in a car accident he was left with a "gift" I think that would be really cool. The book kept my interest and I didn't want to put it down even thought a few parts I thought were a little scary and spooky. Thank you for my copy and I can't wait to read more in the series. Oh I also really liked Hannah. :) 

7. Spiral Notebook/Journal-  Ella has really started to journal her feelings. At her age with emotions and hormones flying, it good to get everything out on paper. Not to mention, that 202 has been a crazy one. I really hope that she enjoys reading these later in life. 

8. Yeti Rambler- Ella has this Yeti Rambler in white and uses it everyday! They make great gifts for everyone. 

So what is something that a teen girl in your life would like for Christmas or any other occasion? 

xoxo Heather 

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