Monthly Goals | November 2020

New Month, New Goals! But y’all I can’t believe it is already November. But I'm not complaining because seriously, I'm ready for a NEW year. 

But let me share my GOALS!

Let's start with N O V E M B E R Goals...


1. Maintain my weight. With a trip and Thanksgiving. I will be happy to just maintain. I do not want to GAIN! 

2. Continue working on deleting photos and videos from my phone. I feel like the more I delete the more I add and with the upcoming Holidays I need to delete even more photos. 

3. Take 3. Plan or Host a Wine Tasting Night. Y'all Ben and I loved going to wine tastings at our local liquor store and then 'Rona hit and they had to stop them. I found the CUTEST Wine Tasting Kit in the Target HotSpot and it would be such a fun night. 

4. Enjoy President's Trip with Ben. We are so excited to get away this year. With everything going on, we are not leaving the country but we are going to Naples, FL. 

5. Get my Christmas Shopping List organized. I haven't even started shopping yet but I need to get my list together to know what I need to buy. 

6. Order our Christmas Cards. We had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago. I am sharing them on Friday so make sure you come back now I just need to decide what picture to use as our card and get it ordered. 



1. Celebrate Thanksgiving. It's going to be bitter sweet this year since it will be the first year without Mike and my heart already hurts. 

2. Have Ian's Wisdom Teeth Removed. We have his appointment scheduled so prayers for a smooth operation would be greatly appreciated. 

3. Decorate for Christmas. We usually do not decorate until after Thanksgiving but with everything going on. We need Christmas joy asap. 

4. Host a Movie Night. The Friday after Thanksgiving, we love to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. 


My Glittery Heart: 

1. Share Gift Guides. These are always so fun to read so I want to put together 4 for each member of our family to share with y'all plus get gift ideas for my own people! It's a win win. 

2. Recap President's Trip. I love sharing these trips with y'all plus I love having them to look back on. 


Oh My Glitter: 

1. Reopen Shop. I took a little break with all the house projects and our trip. So I will be ready to reopen and get to work filling Christmas orders. 

2. Host a Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sale. I love hosting sales and it's so important to me to support small businesses. 

3. Add at least ONE new design. I love creating new designs but sometimes that can get overwhelming in the busy season but I hope to crank out at least one new one. 



1. SeneGence Saturday. Since I combined all of my accounts into one IG account, I plan to share SeneGence on Saturday. We will see how it all goes.

Now let's see how I did in October....


IP 1. Track Everything and Be Mindful What I Eat. I rejoined WW and I need to be strict about it again. I tracked a lot more than normal this week but not everything. 

IP 2. Continue Deleting Photos and Videos from my Phone. My phone has over 4,000 pictures on it. Y'all this is a CHORE! Still working on this one. 

✘3. Take 2. Plan or Host a Wine Tasting Night. Y'all Ben and I loved going to wine tastings at our local liquor store and then 'Rona hit and they had to stop them. I found the CUTEST Wine Tasting Kit in the Target HotSpot and it would be such a fun night. I added this to November's goals. Surely I can get it planned this month. 

✔4. Have Lunch/Dinner with a Friend. It is so IMPORTANT to have some girl time and I can't wait to do that. Yes. I had lunch with 3 friends. 

✘5. Drop off Gifties at Friend's Houses. Who wouldn't love to come home to a sweet little gift on their front porch! Nope. and I'm not sure why. 



✔1. Celebrate Ella turning 13. Y'all I'm struggling with her turning a TEENAGER. Yes and you can read all about it here. 

✘2.  Host a Football Party OUTSIDE. I would love to have people over for the Georgia/Alabama game and set everything up outside. Since the game was so late we didn't end up having people over. 

✔3. Celebrate Halloween. Because we are NOT cancelling Halloween around here. Yes, we had friends over and it was a blast. 

✔4. Host Ben's Team for a Dinner. Ben's team sold over their yearly sales number so they deserve to be celebrated. Yes and it was a lot of fun. 

✔5. Have Family Pictures Taken. Y'all know I do this every year and this year is no different. Yes and I will share them on Friday. 


My Glittery Heart:

✔1. Share a Ella's 13th Birthday Celebration. Y'all she has planned this party all by herself. Read all about it here. 

2. Share Target Haul. I got several new sweaters last week at Target and I think y'all will love them. Yes and you can see our Target Haul here. 

✘3. Hot Chocolate Cart. I have a new idea for a Hot Cocoa cart this year and I can't wait to see it come to life. No! but I shared an Apple Cider Bar instead. 

4. Share a Fall Recipe. I have been trying to introduce new recipes into our routine of dinners so I hope to find a new Fall recipe. I shared several soup recipes. Chicken Fajita  and White Chicken Chili 

5. Share post on Pinterest. Old & New Post. Pinterest drives a lot of my traffic so I always make sure to share post there. Yes and follow me here. 

6. Share the Halloween Bar Cart. Y'all know how much I love the bar cart and it's so much fun to decorate. Yes and you can see it here. 

Oh My Glitter:

✘1. Create at least 2 new Christmas design wine glasses. I have a few ideas brewing in my head so it will be fun to get them on an actual glass. Nope. But I hope to create at least one this month. 

2. Share Listing on Pinterest. Pinterest drives a lot of my traffic so I always make sure to share post there. Yes and follow me here. 

3. Decide on/or Plan a Sip & Shop event this year. With everything going on I don't know if I will host one this year or not. Yes and I decided to skip it this year. 

4.  Decide on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sale. It's never too early to start deciding and creating for this sale. Yes and I will be sharing soon. 



1. Share Halloween looks each Friday. I am having a lot of fun coming up with looks and practicing new skills. I ended up only sharing 3 make up looks. They were a lot of fun. 

✔2. Decide on a Sale or a few. I have a few ideas, I just need to make them come to action. Yes and I will share soon. 

Here are a few photos for fun... 

xoxo, Heather

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