Ella's 13th Birthday Party

Happy Wednesday Friends!  I hope everyone's week is off to a GREAT start! Today I am sharing Ella's 13th birthday party! Y'all I think I am still recovering 😉

Saturday morning, Ella set her alarm for 7:40 am so we could tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY at exactly 7:50 am when she was BORN! 

Then she got ready to head to the golf course with her daddy and brother. They met Uncle Chris and Walt there. 

At 12:00 pm, I met Leigh Anne to start decorating. Y'all Ella gave us exact instructions on how she wanted everything to look including this balloon arch! HA 

That balloon arch is a labor of love but oh so worth it because it just makes the party! 

This lady is the REAL MVP of the party! She took a day and a half of her own time to come and love on me and Ella. I truly couldn't have pulled this party off without her! She is AMAZING! Everyone needs a LeLe in their lives. 

A little after 3:00, Ella came to the cottage to get ready and then at 4:00 we met the girls to bring them back to the cottage. 

Her Uncle Chris was still at the club and wanted dessert so he ordered a chocolate lava cake so we could sing an early Happy Birthday to Ella and he could enjoy the dessert. 

Shortly after the girls arrived, they wanted to open presents...

After presents, we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) 

Photo Booth TIME! 

Then we went to Ninja Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. 

We sang Happy Birthday for the THIRD time. HA 

I always get filet and shrimp and it's AMAZING! 

Once we got back to the cottage, Leigh Anne and I headed upstairs while the girls took over the downstairs and had a dance party. 

We had about 1 hour of drama and then everything was GREAT! At 1:20 am, I had to tell them to STOP SCREAMING and finally around 3:30 am they got quiet and went to bed. I can't pull all nighters anymore. HA 

Sunday morning, Ben came back to help Leigh Anne get the girls back to our house for pick up while I returned the key to the cottage grabbed breakfast and headed to my grandmothers funeral. But not before we cleaned up and grabbed 2 more pictures. 

Ella loves her LeLe as much as her mama! 

My breakfast was so YUMMY! 

Driving up around the North GA mountains was so pretty despite the rain and the circumstance. 

After the funeral and graveside service we snapped this picture of the 4 of us. These are my siblings. Y'all have seen them all several times on the blog but I don't know if I have ever "properly" introduced them. Tonya and I have the same mother and father and David and Levi have the same mother and father but we ALL have the same dad. So technically, I have a sister and 2 half brothers and a step brother (my stepmoms son) but we don't like to use the technical terms. 

So do y'all think we look alike?? 

Again, I think I am still trying to catch up on my sleep from that overnight party but it was oh so WORTH it. 

xoxo, Heather 

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