Our Week with a TEENAGER and a PhotoShoot

 Happy Monday FRIENDS! We had a great weekend celebrating our FAVORITE girl. I will recap her party tomorrow. 

The kids are out of school today so it off to the golf course for us! YAY Well if the rain stays away! Grab our graphic and join us below. 

Monday, October 5th- 

I mentioned last Monday that Ella and I went to a Farmers Market last Saturday. I forgot to share this drawing with y'all. A sweet teenager drew all these pictures and had them for sale. Y'all this looks just like our Tazy Roo. We still miss him so very much. 

After I got the kids off to school, I came home to Trixie like this... I feel ya girl! 

The rest of Monday was much the same as usual. School, House Chores, Blog, Work on Orders, Dinner, and Bed! 

Tuesday, October 6th- 

I got the kids off to school, I went to workout, and then I shopped for all the birthday supplies. Later that afternoon, I had a little visitor. Anytime Bella sees us outside, she comes running! 

Then I cooked Mix and Match Mama's Cheesy Ranch Tacos and Ella loves them. She is such a picky eater. 

Then we had the same visitor again! 

I finished up making Ella's party goodies. 

Wednesday, October 7th- 

Ella stayed home from school. and I hecked Ian out around lunch time. We needed a mental health day! 

I took Ian to the golf course and Ella and I went to take her 13th birthday pictures. We went for an early dinner just the two of us! 

Thursday, October 8th- 

This was the state of my dining room table. Prepping for a 13th birthday party is no joke! 😝

I did my Cat Makeup look for my second Halloween look. 

Thursday evening we went to dinner at Applebee's and then Trixie and I crashed on the couch to watch Good Witch. 

Friday, October 9th- 

Kids went to school, I worked out, dyed my hair, and packed up all the party supplies. 

I surprised the kids by checking them out and meeting Ben at the golf course. They played 9 holes while I rode. Then we had dinner at the club. 

We got home and crashed. 

Saturday, October 10th- 

It was a day all about the birthday girl. I will recapped tomorrow. 

Sunday, October 11th- 

Ben and Leigh Anne got all the girls back to our house for pick up. While I headed to my grandmother's funeral. My dad's mom passed away on Thursday. She will be greatly missed but we know she is no longer sick and back with my PawPaw. He passed away 20 years ago. That's a long time to be away from the love of your life. 

Cheers to a great week! 

xoxo Heather 

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