Our Week with Ian getting his Wisdom Teeth Removed and Celebrating Thanksgiving

Happy Monday Friends! I hope y'all had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. If you blogged, make sure you link up below! I am recapping our Thanksgiving Break. 

Monday, November 23rd- 

This was our first day of Thanksgiving Break and I scheduled Ian to have his wisdom teeth removed. I know I'm a mean mom. Luckily, Thanksgiving meal is not his favorite so he won't be missing much. 

Trixie was here for the extra cuddles. 

Monday we really just laid low and took care of Ian. Grammy brought him jello and a CFA milkshake. Later that evening, Leigh Anne, Bailey, and Brett came to see him and brought him more goodies. 

Tuesday, November 24th- 

Ian didn't really sleep good Monday night and I was up and down checking on him so we both woke up pretty exhausted. Once I got him settled, I went to work out and grabbed him more milkshakes. 

Then it was home to order groceries and prepare for Ella's Friendsgiving. 

She set the table for them including name cards. 

She made them brownies and set up all the letter boards. 

She had 4 friends over. 

At this Friendsgiving, we served Zaxby's! 😂

Before they ate, they went around the table telling everyone what they were thankful for. So SWEET! 

Then they decorated Gingerbread house....I know...Friendsgiving turned Christmas real quick! 

Picture time. 



Their signature pose since 1st grade. 

Laney Brook. 


Then I set the TV up for them outside to watch a movie and drink hot chocolate. 

All while I cleaned up this MESS!! Can't have the memories without the mess, huh?? 

But their houses did turn out CUTE! Brett and Bailey gave Ian this village kit to do while he was healing from his surgery but his sister talked him into letting her and her friends build the villages and he could judge them!! 😂😂😂

The girls left around 8:00 and Brett came to spend the night with Ian with plans to play golf (really just ride and maybe putt)  on Wednesday. 

Wednesday, November 25th- 

Ian woke up really sore so no golf course for him and Brett. (I tried to tell him.) 

I went to work out, took Ella to get a facial (she had a gift card), I did end up taking the boys to play golf, we went to the nail salon, back to pick up the boys, and grabbed last minute items at Publix. 

Then it was home to make dough for rolls, cinnamon rolls, and roll out our sausage balls. 

Yes they were as good as they looked! 

Thursday, November 26th- Thanksgiving Day! 

Once we woke up, I enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. Love this verse. 

We enjoyed a slow morning of not having to go anywhere. We watched The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, ate a yummy breakfast, and started with puppy cuddles and a mimosa. 

By 2:30- the turkey was ready. 

We were just passing the time. Thursday was rough y'all. It was our first Holiday without Mike. 

From Mimosas to Wine. 

After we ate, these 4 went to playing video games. 

So Thankful for this girl. 

Ended Thanksgiving, with more wine, Christmas lights, and a Hallmark movie. 

Friday, November 27th- 

My guys headed to the golf course and I headed to workout. When I got back home, Ella and I got ready and headed out to do a little Black Friday Shopping. 

Meanwhile, this was Trixie. 

Friday evening, Ben and Ella went to a playoff Football game while I stayed home with Ian. I cleaned and worked. 

Saturday, November 28th- 

My guys plus Brett went to the golf course while Ella and I went to my sisters for Thanksgiving. but not before I posted this....

It's so true! I can't think y'all enough for supporting my little dream. 

Y'all just look at 2 of my GREAT nephews. 

Easton is on the left. That chunky monkey weighs 18 pounds and he is 4 months old. Look at sweet Daniel on the right! I could just eat them both. 

We gave Hunter his birthday present early because we will be in Orlando for his birthday party! 

Before we ate, we went to take family pictures and this HAPPENED. My youngest nephew, Cory, got ENGAGED!! Y'all I was in the  delivery room when he was born and now he is getting MARRIED! I took a lot of pictures on my big camera now I just need to edit them. 

After we ate, the girls decorated gingerbread houses. 

Love this mini me of mine. 

Once we got home and settled and the GA game started!! 

Sunday, November 29th- 

My guys went back to the course while Ella and I went to church. After church, we went to lunch with Grammy then it was home to prepare for the week ahead. However, the kids are only going to school 2 days this week because Wednesday we leave for DISNEY!! 

How was your week and weekend?? Remember to link up below!! 

xoxo Heather

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