Happy 16th Birthday Ian!

 Happy Birthday to my FIRST born. The one that made me a mother. I can't believe you will be 

S I X T E E N tomorrow. That just blows my mind and time has gone by WAY to fast because in my mind this is how you will always be...

Let's look at our Ian Michael over the past 12 months. 

When he turned 15. 

Those blue eyes are going to steel a girls heart one day. 

You will always be my silly boy. 

Golf will always have your heart! 

You count these two as your other siblings. 

You got your learners permit. That was a hard pill to swallow. 

and you drove every chance you got. 

You played in the snow with your sister.  

Played Golf EVERY chance you got. 

and even beat your dad 

You did digital school as fast as possible when schools closed for the rest of your freshman year so you could go to the course. 

Covid-19 and Quarantine meant lots of lake time...

You got one of your best buds to play golf. 

and lots more family time. 

You love your mama even if you are mean to me, sometimes. 😉

You love your "big" sister, Bailey. 

You lost your Granddaddy this year, your best bud, your golfing partner, your always at every golf tournament guy. That was a tough one but we know he is watching over you. I can't believe how much you look like him...

Your first golf tournament after losing him was rough but you had your best friends there to support you, Walt and Brett. 

You formed your own team for the JGO this year and that was a little weird. 

You started 10th grade digitally but then eventually went back in person. 

You helped send this girl off to college. 

Little kids and animals are always drawn to you....ALWAYS! 

You two have been lifelong friends. Like I took you to the hospital to meet Noah. 

You are always up for your dad's crazy antictics like wearing knickers. 

and for this girl I am pretty sure you would walk through fire for...

I sure hope I see you on the PGA tour someday. 

Trixie loved that you wanted to snuggle once you had your wisdom teeth out. 

You made Trixie the Thanksgiving turkey. 

Happy Birthday Bubs! We love you BIG! Now please let me have you a party. (He says NO WAY...BOO) 

xoxo, Mom. 

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