Our Getaway to Orlando for Golf and Disney Parks.

Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope your week is off to a great start! I am still trying to catch up from our little getaway last week so bare with me. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine because today's post is going to be a long one! I am recapping our trip to Orlando for Ian to play in the National Championship and a few days at the Disney parks. 

Thursday, December 3rd- 

We arrived at our house in Champions Gate neighborhood late Wednesday evening. We grocery shopped and grabbed a pizza for dinner. 

So Thursday morning we were up and at Magic Kingdom before 9am when it opened. Right when we walked into the park we saw this performance....

Christmas time at Disney is truly magical. 

and nothing, I mean nothing is better than seeing the CASTLE for the first time each visit. 

Love these TWO! 

Our first ride was the Jungle Cruise.

Then we moved to Thunder Mountain. 

After Thunder Mountain we ordered an early lunch because we didn't have breakfast. As we were waiting for lunch a parade came through. During this pandemic, the parades are maybe 3 minutes long and very sporadic so not a lot of people could gather around to watch it. 

After the Jungle Cruise, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean so it was fun to see our picture show up on my app. 

I tried to get a picture of the 4 of us in front of the castle. 😉

At dusk, we gathered around the castle to watch it transform into a "sweater" but not before I asked a stranger to take our picture. 

Main Street, USA 

While we were waiting, we enjoyed a pretzel. 

After one boom of fireworks, it turned on the lights and that was IT! 

After the ferry ride back to the parking lot, we grabbed a coffee and headed back to the house. 

Friday, December 4th- 

Ella and I headed to Animal Kingdom before 8am when it opened. While the boys enjoyed a slower morning before Ian's practice round of golf. 

We QUICKLY headed to Pandora and y'all it was AMAZING! 

The Tree of Life. 

Animal Kingdom's parades were on water. 

the we rode DINOSAUR. 

Ella said " I hated every minute of the ride" Yep me too! 

Passing back by the tree of life. 

The we rode Kilimanjaro Safaris

By 10:45, I found the beer cart! Ha! All while waiting in line for the Na'vi River Journey.

While in line, Ben sent us this picture of Ian warming up 

By 4pm, we were getting ready to conquer Mt. Everest for the 4th time. 

A few Memory Maker Photos as they appeared in my app through out the day! 

Once we left the park, we picked up the boys and headed to Chili's for dinner. 

Saturday, December 5th- Ian's Birthday. 

Ben and I woke Ian up at 6am singing Happy Birthday to Ian. He was THRILLED! . HA I dropped the boys off at the course at 7am then I came back to the house to get myself and Ella ready to head to Hollywood Studios. But before we left these were the pictures Ben was sending me... 

By 9:45, We were looking at Tower of Terror. 

But we got in line for Rockin' roller coaster. 

and in case any of you were wondering how far we had to stand a part in the lines....here is your answer. 

Next it was Toyland...

After Slinky's Dog Dash, we walked through Star Wars. So COOL! 

By 12;30, We were back in line for Rockin' Roller Coaster and I NEEDED a drink. 

By 2:00, Ella and I were DONE. We were over the parks, We were over the mask, so we waited in line for one last popcorn and pretzel and said goodbye to the parks. 

Saturday evening, we hung out at the house, cooked Mexican for Ian's birthday dinner, and sang happy birthday. 

Sunday, December 6th- 

I dropped the boys off early at the course. Then I drove back to the house to get ready and load up the truck. 
but Ben sent some amazing pictures. 

It was a GREAT getaway! I can't wait for another one! and bless you if you are still reading! HA 

If you have any questions about visiting Disney World during this Pandemic just drop them below and I will answer as best as I can! 

xoxo Heather 

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