Monthly Goals | December 2020

New Month, New Goals! But y’all I can’t believe it is already December. But I'm not complaining because seriously, I'm ready for a NEW year. 

But let me share my GOALS!

Let's Start with D E C E M B E R Goals...


1. Host a Wine Tasting Night. Y'all I finally planned a wine tasting/Ornament exchange at my house with 7 other girls! YAY! We are so excited. 

2. Finalize 2021 Goals. I am working on putting my 2021 goals together. 

3. Continue Deleting Pictures on my phone. I feel like everytime I delete pictures I take more. HA 

4. Mail Christmas Cards. I got the pictures taken and the card ordered so now I need to address and mail them. 


1. Enjoy Disney and Orlando together. We are going to Orlando for Ian's National Championship and spending a few days at the parks. 

2. Celebrate Christmas. This year is going to look so different without Granddaddy but we are determined to make the most of it. 

3. Celebrate Ian turning 16. Y'all I can't even with this one. 

4. Host and Attend FriendsMAS. We love getting together with our friends and we can wait to get together with them this year. 

5. Christmas Lights. I can't wait to see all the Christmas lights this year. Weather it is driving around or the Botanical Gardens. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Christmas Bar Cart. I can't wait to share this year's Christmas Bar Cart with y'all. It's so CUTE plus I have a new favorite cocktail. 

2. Christmas Home Tour. I always love sharing our home with y'all and this year is no different. 

3. Plan my 5 year Blogiversary. EEK I can't wait believe I will be celebrating 5 years in this little space soon. 

4. Share a Wine Lovers Gift Guide. Y'all know I love my wine so I thought I would share some of my favorites. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Host a Christmas in stock sale. I have several items in stock that I need to clear off my shelf so what better way to do that than a sale. 

2. Keep up with orders to ship within 3-5 business days. I love making glittery goodies for y'all bit with it just being me sometimes I can get behind. 

3. Plan out 2021. I had a lot of ideas for this year but #2020 so I hope to implement them next year. 


1. Host an In Stock Sale. I have a few in stock items that I can sale at a discount. 

2. Share gift wrapping ideas. It's fun to give the gift of skin care/makeup but it's even more fun to wrap them cute. 

Now let's look at November...


✘1. Maintain my weight. With a trip and Thanksgiving. I will be happy to just maintain. I do not want to GAIN! I gain 2.8 :( 

Continue working on deleting photos and videos from my phone. I feel like the more I delete the more I add and with the upcoming Holidays I need to delete even more photos. I took way to many pictures this month. 

. Take 3. Plan or Host a Wine Tasting Night. Y'all Ben and I loved going to wine tastings at our local liquor store and then 'Rona hit and they had to stop them. I found the CUTEST Wine Tasting Kit in the Target HotSpot and it would be such a fun night. Yes and I can't wait. 

. Enjoy President's Trip with Ben. We are so excited to get away this year. With everything going on, we are not leaving the country but we are going to Naples, FL. Yes and it was so much fun.

. Get my Christmas Shopping List organized. I haven't even started shopping yet but I need to get my list together to know what I need to buy. Yes and we cut our list down a lot. 

. Order our Christmas Cards. We had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago. I am sharing them on Friday so make sure you come back now I just need to decide what picture to use as our card and get it ordered. Yes and I love them. 



. Celebrate Thanksgiving. It's going to be bitter sweet this year since it will be the first year without Mike and my heart already hurts. Yes. We enjoyed our day at home. 

. Have Ian's Wisdom Teeth Removed. We have his appointment scheduled so prayers for a smooth operation would be greatly appreciated. Yes and thankfully he is doing well. 

. Decorate for Christmas. We usually do not decorate until after Thanksgiving but with everything going on. We need Christmas joy asap. Yes and I can't wait to share with y'all

. Host a Movie Night. The Friday after Thanksgiving, we love to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We watched movies but it was just us. 


My Glittery Heart: 

. Share Gift Guides. These are always so fun to read so I want to put together 4 for each member of our family to share with y'all plus get gift ideas for my own people! It's a win win. Yes they were fun to share. 

. Recap President's Trip. I love sharing these trips with y'all plus I love having them to look back on. Yes We had a blast. 


Oh My Glitter: 

. Reopen Shop. I took a little break with all the house projects and our trip. So I will be ready to reopen and get to work filling Christmas orders. Yes and I have been BUSY! Thank you

. Host a Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sale. I love hosting sales and it's so important to me to support small businesses. Yes That's what kept me busy! 

. Add at least ONE new design. I love creating new designs but sometimes that can get overwhelming in the busy season but I hope to crank out at least one new one. Hopefully, I will add one this month. 



. SeneGence Saturday. Since I combined all of my accounts into one IG account, I plan to share SeneGence on Saturday. We will see how it all goes. NOPE. Hopefully, I will be more active this month. 

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