Our Week with Duke's Birthday and Ian getting his Driver's Licenses

 Happy Tuesday Friends! I am recapping last week. Y'all it was an emotional one for this mama's heart! 

Grab a cup of Coffee and follow along...

Monday, January 11th- 

The kids went back to school from Winter Break. I worked out and then got busy pre-glittering wine glasses, worked on Blog post, house work, etc. 

Monday after I picked up the kids we took the pups to CFA for Duke's 8th Birthday. 

He loves his nuggets. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy! 

Tuesday, January 12th- 

I woke up in a FUNK and couldn't snap out of it. I didn't get much accomplished during the day but I did enjoy a cup of afternoon coffee and a little reading. 

I sent this meme to Leigh Anne. 

Maybe this was my FUNK....I knew my baby was going to take his drivers test.

He passed and then drove himself and his sister to a friend's basketball game. 😭😭😭

I know I am not the first mama to take this picture but y'all nothing can prepare your heart for this moment. 

Wednesday, January 13th-

It was a much more productive day. After I drop the kids off at school, I went to work out and then I worked on all the business stuff. 

After car pool, dinner, and dishes, I was exhausted so I laid on the couch with Ben and Trixie. 

Thursday, January 14th- 

It was another productive day in the craft room. I did get a ride on the Peloton. The rest of the day was carpool, dinner, and all that fun stuff. 

Friday, January 15th- 

Dropped the kids off at school, went to work out, then ran a few errands. Then it was home to work. I popped in to the Senegence PIT Glam it Up Training. 

Friday evening, my boys went to a basketball and I continued to watch the SeneGence training while Ella hung out with a friend. Meanwhile my bestie sent me this meme. 😂😂 

Saturday, January 16th- 

My crazy boys went to the golf course. While I enjoyed a slow morning of coffee and Jesus. Then I got ready and Ella and I headed to the nail salon and lunch. 

I also finished my Valentine's Bar Cart and I can't wait to share with y'all next week. 

Saturday evening, Ella went to a birthday party that her brother drove her too. 😓 Then he went to hang out with a buddy while Ben and I went to dinner with a several friends. 

Sunday, January 17th-

My boys went back to the golf course while I went to pick up Ella from her birthday party. Then I did all the things to get ready for the week plus I took a nap and Ben and I watched 4 episodes of Bloodline. 

I hope y'all are having a great start to your week. Come back tomorrow for my Vision Board. 

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