Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Friday Friends! Well we have made it the first FULL week of 2021. How is everyone doing? 

Tomorrow, I officially turn 41. Wasn't it just last month that I shared my SURPRISE 40th birthday with y'all?  We are going to dinner at the exact same place tonight with a few friends. 

In the past, I have shared my birthday age of different things about me but y'all I can't seem to come up with 41 DIFFERENT things so I am just going to recap this past year of my life like I did for the kid's birthday posts. 

If you are curious here are the previous post....

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Let's start from the beginning of 2020 and recap my year!

My amazing hubby pulled off the ultimate surprise party. 

Shared lots of Senegence products with y'all. I love my little helper! 

Continued going to the gym. 

Tried to add in more #ootd. pictures. 

Got fancy and went to a Gala. 

Enjoyed a few date nights. 

Enjoyed time with my golf cart buddy while watching Ian play his favorite sport. 

Got outdoors more to get in exercise once Covid hit. 

Missed our people so much during quarantine so we FaceTimed a lot. 

Spent LOTS of time at the lake during quartaine. 

Got creative with crafts to keep us busy. 

Spent countless hours riding in the golf cart drinking wine while the kids played golf. 

Always on the golf course. 

Once the gyms shut down, then the best trainer in the world started doing LIVE workouts. 

Lots of time outside. 

Sonic drive thru dates so we could see our people in person. 

Enjoyed the slowiness that quarantine brought us. 

Once restaurants opened back up, we enjoyed rooftop date nights. 

Enjoyed Mother's Day at home. 

Watched this girl graduate at HOME. 

Spent Memorial Day at the lake with Talia's family. 

Enjoyed dinner with sister, niece, and mom. (This was when we surprised Amber; Daniel was at CHOA) 

Again at the LAKE with The Boswell's. 

Watched this kid do his thing. Love him. 

Had a Prequel Girls trip to the lake (well Rob was with us) 

Overnight date with this guy! 

Girls Trip to Savannah with Leigh Anne and Bailey. 

Celebrated 4th of July at the lake again. 

Lost my precious Father in Love. Oh how I miss him. 

Went to Sea Island to watch Ian play in a golf tournament. 

Love spending time with these TWO! 

Had a fun photoshoot with Ella. 

Read 59 Books in 2020. 

My forever wedding date. 

Always fun with these ladies. 

We watched Bailey go off to college. She has done AMAZING! We are so proud of her. YEs, I realize I talk about her like my own because I would claim her in a heartbeat. 

Y'all I know I decorated the bar cart. 

Saw this girl I don't know how many times. 

Celebrated 17 years of marriage to this guy! 

Welcomed Fall temps with leggings and wine! 

Got back to lifting. 

Went with the family to the UGA bookstore. 

Hosted our annual Bulldawg Bash. 

Tried my hand at some Halloween looks. 

Watched lots of football with this guy! 

Threw a 13th Birthday party for this girl. 

Went to Highlands shopping with these ladies! 

Had our annual pictures taken. 

Went to Naples, FL with this guy and his company. 

Continued lifting and improving. 

Decorated for Christmas and enjoyed the view. 

Went to Disney World with this crew and watched Ian play in his National Championship. All While he TURNED 16. 

Celebrated Christmas and New Years with my FAVORITE people. 

So Here's to 41!

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