Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Tuesday Friends....I can’t even after that game last night. So let’s talk about something a little bit brighter...My Birthday 😉

A few days ago, I was sitting at the computer getting ready to type this post. I pulled up last years birthday post and thought "oh my goodness, what can I say that would be any different?" I was drawing a BLANK!
About that time, Ella walked into my craft room and asked what I was doing? I said, "trying to list 38 facts about me for my birthday post, "She said "oh that's easy let me type"
I must admit at first I felt like the monkey emoji covering his eyes. I thought oh my goodness all my worse mom fears are about to show up in an unpublished blog post. 😳

But then she started typing and y'all just read the list she came up with...

38 things about my mom
1. she is so sweet
2. she has long brown curly hair
3.she has very pretty blue eyes
4. she is very fashionable
5. she likes crafts
6. she drinks coffee
7. she loves wine
8. she gets me up in the morning ps I hate getting up
9. she loves to plan
10. she likes dogs
11. she loves to bake with me
12. she hates slime
13. she loves to play store with me
14. she loves to watch my brother play basketball and go to his games
15. she is super creative
16. she loves date nights with her hubby
17. she loves to shop
18. she loves parties
19. she loves to decorate
20. she loves to have an Ella days
21. she loves to visit her grandparents
22. she loves helping me and my brother
23. she loves taking pics of things
24. she loves to be on social media
25. she loves to read
26. she loves eating at fancy places
27. she loves to volunteer
28. she loves watching Gilmore girls
29. she loves watching Christmas movies and just any movie
30. she loves traveling
31. she loves to ride rides
32. she hates the cold
33. she likes to tan in the sun
34. she loves to collect coffee mugs, bowls, and cups (she is referring to Rae Dunn)
35. she loves glitter
36. she loves to sleep
37. she loves going to church
38. and most of all she loves her family

I love this sweet girl of mine. (She typed all of that by herself.)

For my 30th Birthday, my mom and sister gifted me this scrapbook. So just for fun here are a few awkward pictures of me...

Could my hair get any higher?? 

The few times I tried to straighten my hair in 10th grade. 

Then my Senior year, I CHOPPED it off and put a straightener on it. 

I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me. Make sure you check out Johannah's Meet and Greet Tuesday to learn even more about me. Thank you so much, Johannah, for interviewing me. 

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