Currently + Monthly Goals | January

Happy Wednesday Friends.  Hope your week is off to a great start. Have your little ones started back to school yet? We start back on Monday so we are enjoying our jammies for a few more days.

Today I am joining  Anne in Residence for CURRENTLY.


Back on track with Weight Watchers. I let myself fully enjoy the holidays. But started back tracking my food yesterday and weigh-in again on Thursday. 


That waking up early on Monday to go back to school is not a complete nightmare. We have all gotten out of our routine over the Christmas break. 


I am a total planner nerd. I am currently scheduling blog posts, appointments, daily schedules, goals, etc. 


A Simplified Life by Emily Ley. This book has been all over blog land and social media. I have read the first 2 chapters and so far I love it.  


with different Lipsense colors and it is SO MUCH FUN! I hope to share all the different colors soon.

What have you been up to lately?



I also wanted to share my monthly goals for January. But first, let's look at December's goals and what I accomplished.

1. Continue WW on the new program. NOPE... I let myself enjoy the holidays
2. Lose 5 pounds. NOPE... I'm pretty sure I gained. 
3. Clean out the garage/shed Ben was off the week between Christmas and New Year's and we got this done. 
4. Put up Christmas Decorations  They were all put up December 26th. 

1. Celebrate Ian's Birthday YES. He had 9 boys over. 
2. Celebrate Jesus' Birthday YES. I am sharing our Christmas recap tomorrow. 
3. Complete Christmas Bucket List  YES. You can see our recap here. 

1. Complete current orders and ship on time YES. and I even shipped out a few days ahead of time. 
2. Start thinking about a game plan for 2018 YES. I am excited about 2018 and my little shop. 
3. Start thinking of new designs for 2018 YES. I plan on including a few new products. 

1. Start planning 2018 posts YES. I have all of January planned so far and have already started thinking about February. 

Now let's look at January. 


1. Get back on track with Weight Watchers.
2. Clean out kitchen drawers.
3. Get back on schedule with my daily quiet time. 
4. Clean up the pantry. 

1. Celebrate my birthday.
2. Have a date night with Ben.
3. Keep everything that we have recently organized in its place. 

1. Start updating pictures in my shop. 
2. Work on my SEO's.
3. Add 5 new designs.
4. Be consistent with social media. 

1. Share my daily post on social media.
2. Share my New Year's Resolutions.
3. Be consistent with social media. 
4. Work on pictures. 

Do you set goals?? If so, what do you hope to accomplish this month? I would love to hear them?

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