A Day in the Life {Winter Edition}

I always LOVE reading "A Day in the Life" post and I believe I have only posted 2 so this year I am going to try and post one each season. Today, I am going to share a Winter Edition (not that my days change much through the year)

I documented yesterday Monday, January 22nd!

Yesterday, I didn't get up when my 5am alarm went off and that was my first mistake.  I didn't get up till about 5:35. I came downstairs, started my coffee, and enjoyed my quiet time. 

At 6:00, I went and woke up Ian. Fixed his breakfast. Then put snacks in their bookbags. (no one packed a lunch that day). After I got Ian going, I went back downstairs to make sure my blog post posted and did a little blog reading. 

At 6:50, we left to take Ian to school. Back home by 7:10 in time to wake this girl up.

Yes, that is Trixie sleeping in the bed like a human. #canwesayrotten

I got ready, got Ella ready, started dinner, and emptied the dishwasher. 

We were back out of the house by 8:05. 

I dropped Ella off at school, ran to Wal-Mart to get shipping boxes, then made it to the gym for a class at 9am. I worked out until 10:00. I was back home around 10:30. I grabbed a snack of trail mix and a cutie. 

I worked on orders from 10:30 till 12:45. 

I'm working on 50 of these Bev2go's for a destination wedding. The Bride is using them as place cards and favors. 

Around 1:00, I went to make PTO copies at Ella's school for the upcoming Daddy/Daughter date night coming up. At 2:15, I sat in my first carpool of the day. 

I dropped Ian off at home around 2:30. Then ran this girl to the vet for her yearly shots. 

We were back home by 3:45, I had 15 minutes to work on this post before picking Ella up from chorus at 4:15. Duke loves chilling by his momma! 

From 4:30 until 7:00, I worked the middle school basketball concession stand with these amazing women. 

We were home for the evening by 7:15. I made quesadillas for dinner. I had the chicken in the crockpot all day. I cleaned up the kitchen really quick, the kids took showers, then we sat down a little after 8pm to watch Kevin Can't Wait and Man with a Plan. 

At 9:00pm, We put the kids to bed. I finished up this blog post. Then watched The Bachelor. 
Overall, not a bad Monday! How did you spend your day???

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