2017 New Year's Resolutions- How I did...

Are you tired of hearing the word resolutions or goals? I feel like those are the only 2 words that I have used for the past 15 days! However, if you are a long time reader then you know that I love sharing my monthly goals. Last week, I shared my 2018 Goals. 

But let me share with you how I did with my 2017 New Year's Resolutions...

2017 New Year's Resolutions

1. Daily Devotional
Continue reading my daily devotional every day even on the weekends! I have my weekly morning routine down, I just need to carry that into the weekend! 
I purchased Jesus Calling and I love it because it has space at the bottom of the page for you to journal or reflect on that day's message. I think it will be awesome to have this to look back on toward the middle and end of the year!! 

Overall, I would say that I did ok with this goal. I did not carry my quiet time into the weekends. I did attend a Women's Bible study from start to finish. That was a first. 

2. Better Health
This is my year to lose 25 pounds and make healthier eating habits and exercise! I say this every year and every year I fail! 
I have started a new fitness program with a whole new mindset and I pray it sticks! I want to lose the weight to not only look better but to feel better. I just feel "yucky" most days, my stomach hurts, etc! 

I did pretty bad until I joined Weight Watchers in October and have lost 10lbs so far. I feel a lot better. I did "slip" a little over the holidays but I'm back on track. 

3. Oh My Glitter  
Take my Etsy Shop to a business and not just a hobby. 

2017 was the first year that I did not close my shop temporarily for being scared to take the next step. I still have not got my LLC but I hope to very soon.  

4. Blog Growth 
Next week, I will publish my 1-year blogiversary! I am so honored and blessed with the connections I have made with some amazing women in the past year and I can't wait to "meet" so many more bloggers!! I also want to put even more effort into my post and make my pictures "Pinterest" worthy! 

I will celebrate my SECOND blogiversary TOMORROW. I have learned so much over the past year. I feel like my blog has grown so much. 

5. Organization
I have been working really HARD these past few weeks and in the weeks ahead to get everything cleaned out and organized. So I want to make a huge effort into keeping these spaces cleaned and organized. 

I would say overall we did really well with keeping the house organized. Throughout the year, if I felt like closets, drawers, etc were getting messy I would clean out and organize them. 
Right after Christmas, we did clean out our shed and garage. It felt so good. 

I'm pleased with how I did in 2017. I'm excited to put my 2018 goals into action along with crushing my monthly goals. 

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