Our Week with A Student Council Rep, HomeComing, and a Vendor Event.

Hey Hey Monday! It's you again! 😉 I am recapping our week and weekend. I hope you will link up below! 

Monday, October 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I got in a workout at home. I ran the car through the car wash, ran to Goodwill, Ordered Homecoming flowers, and then worked on the LONG To-Do list. 

I picked Ella up from school and we headed to the nail salon! It was spaghetti for dinner and then we crashed into bed. 

Tuesday, October 12th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to School, I got myself ready, went to see a vendor space, drop my second key to the dealership that I traded my car. Stopped by Ben's office to do a few things and lunch with my honey! 

Then it was work on the to do list including photographing the bar cart...

Wednesday, October 13th-

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Make Dog Food, Make Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Laundry, Work on Vendors items. 

Then it was time to pick up Ella while Ian and Kathryn went to play 9 holes. After Ben and I had a booster club meeting for golf, we met Ian and Kathryn for dinner. Ella was with us too! 

But I did get in a Peloton ride with this view...

I got a text from Ella that morning saying that she was chosen as her home bases Student Council rep so she was rewarded with Starbucks. 

Love this Sweet Girl! 

I tried the Iced Apple Crisp Macchiato. It was surprisingly good. 

Dinner was great and then it was time to CRASH! 

Thursday, October 14th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to School, then I sent several emails, ran to pick up a Target order and zip through Publix for a few things. 

Look at sweet Trixie joining me for my quiet time...

Then it was home to do all things. Laundry, type blog post, confirm reservations for our upcoming trip, etc, etc. 

Around 3:30, I took food to Ella before her last football game to video. 

Ian went to play golf and then to the movies with Kathryn, I picked up Ella. We ate dinner, did a few more things, and CRASHED! 

Friday, October 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton, Kids to School. I came home to work but had to run to Ben' office to pick up cookie dough that he ordered from a school fundraiser. I got home, got myself ready, and then worked some more. I got emails sent, papers filed away, Inventory together for Sunday's vendor event, started another order. 

Look who came to visit me... 

Sweet Bella. It's just a shame she feels so uncomfortable here. 😉

It was time to go get Ella, drop her off at a friends house, then Ben and I headed to the course for the Ben and Chris to play 9 holes. Ian went to do Homecoming things with Kathryn while Ben and I had dinner at the club. Ian picked up Ella from the football game. 

Saturday, October 16th- 

Coffee and Jesus, boys went to the course, Ella slept in, while I went to pick up homecoming flowers, the farmers market, lunch with Talia, and Publix. 

At 3:30, we watched Georgia kick off and then headed to the golf course to take Homecoming pictures so we listened to the game. 

WARNING- Lots of Homecoming pictures....

I think they are just the cutest!!! Ian and Kathryn headed to dinner while the rest of us enjoyed a beverage and finished watching the Georgia game. 

We went home to watch the Braves game and enjoyed some chili on the back deck. 

Sunday, October 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ben went to the course, while the kids slept in. I started prepping for the week ahead. 

I met Ben for lunch at the club and then headed to the event to set up. The event was from 3-5. 

I did really well, met lots of fun ladies, and gave out lots of business cards. 

When I got home, we ate dinner, did the dishes, finished this post, and crashed!! 

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