Our Week with Top Golf, a New SUV, and a Birthday

Happy Monday Friends! The kids are back to school after a great Fall Break but we are already counting down to the next break. 

If you blogged, make sure you link up below... I am recapping Fall Break today!! 

Monday, October 4th- 

It was coffee and Jesus. We were exhausted after such a busy weekend that we enjoyed a slow morning. Ian and I dropped off his truck to be serviced, we went to the Mall of GA to buy Homecoming clothes. 

I started a new Bible study. 

and ended the day with a shake and a movie. 

Tuesday, October 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids sleeping in for Fall Break. I got a ride in on the Peloton. 

Love this... 

Enjoyed a shake before heading to Top Golf. 

We love Top Golf. 

Then we went next door to Mario Andretti. 

Y'all I can't with these two... 

These cars were so FAST! 

On our way home, we dropped Ella off to spend the night with Addison and Laney Brook at Addison's grandmother's house. They had so much fun! 

Wednesday, October 6th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ian slept in while I enjoyed the quietness of the house. I worked on order and laundry. Then I got myself ready and headed to pick up Ella so we could have lunch with my mom, my sister, and brother in, Amber and Daniel, and Candace, hunter, and Easton. 

After lunch, we hung out at the house and I worked a little bit more before heading to meet Ben and this happened. I got a new to me car! I love it. 

We got home and pretty much crashed. 

Thursday, October 7th- 

I got up early, did my quiet time and coffee, hoped on the Peloton, got ready and was at the grocery store by 8:30. I got home, got the kids up, did a quick clean sweep of the house, packed the car, and headed to the lake. 

By that evening, this is what we looked like....

We finally got to celebrate this girl. She turned 20 on October 2nd. 

We were all just chilling on the porch and Duke jumped up in Leigh Anne's lap. I don't know who's lap he thought he was jumping up on but it surprised him and LeLe. He turned around real quick and jumped down. Now don't get me wrong they both love each other, Duke just surprised them both. 

We crashed into the bed that night. 

Friday, October 8th- 

It was a slow morning of just enjoying our coffee on the front porch and enjoying the cooler temps. 

Mid morning, these two were fishing. Ian would catch little brim but get Brett to take them off the hook. 😆😆

the dads watching the boys fish and act crazy. 

Love this sweet girl. 

and this sweet girl. 

Throwing the football around. 

Then they braved the cold water and went tubing. 

A little after 2, we were singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday girls. 

Because this kid couldn't wait any longer to dig into their cake. 

6 years may separate them but they have a special bond like no other and I hope and pray that never changes. 

By 3:30, the boys went fishing. They caught a fish and can you tell what is in its mouth....

a tiny turtle. 

That evening, Bailey was needing a back and head scratching from Ella. 

We cooked hamburgers for dinner and hung out before calling it a night. 

Saturday, October 9th- 

I actually slept till 9am. I couldn't believe it. I can't tell you the last time I slept that late. I then enjoyed coffee and the view of the lake. 

Around 11:30, we took a boat ride to drop Ella off at Addison's lake house to hang out for the day. (Well she ended up spending the night) 

We listened to the Georgia game while watching these guys hit golf balls in the yard. 

After the game, we cooked mexican and hung out. We stayed up way to late listening to football. but finally crashed. 

Sunday, October 10th- 

We got up, got ready, Ben, Grammy, Bailey, and Ian headed to pick up the birthday girl while Leigh Anne and I cleaned up and packed everything to head home but not before Stephanie sent me a video of her waking Ella up by singing Happy Birthday with a candle in a cinnamon roll and this picture. 

A little after 11, we were headed home and this was happening in the back seat of my car. 

Did you spot Duke's ear?? 

That afternoon, we took the birthday girl shopping at the Mall of Georgia and dinner at Ninja. 

It'a 14 or Hi 😉

Ella had a great time celebrating her birthday!! 

Cheers to a new week. 


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