Our Week with Watching a Hanging Squirrel and Sweet Magnolias

Happy Monday Friends!! How was your weekend?? As usual, I am recapping our week and weekend! 

Monday, January 31st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Publix, and then I got a ride on the Peloton. I watched Sweet Magnolias so I be refreshed since the new season came out on Friday. 

Worked on the to-do list and had a hair appointment at 12:45. 

After that I grabbed Ella and then it was all the evening stuff! 

Tuesday, February 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, got myself ready, and headed to bible study. Home to work on a few house things and blog post. 

Grabbed Ella and then home to do all the other things....laundry, dinner, showers, and bed. But I did get to sit down for a few minutes to read. 

my sidekick joined me. 

Wednesday, February 2nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, ride on the Peloton, Started the Valentine's bar cart, worked on blog post, changed light bulbs in the garage, and researched more for Leigh Anne's 50th birthday trip. 

Grabbed Ella and then Ben and I headed to 8 & a Plate. It's where we taste 8 wines and enjoy a small plate. We then headed to The Bistro for dinner. It was a great date night. 

Thursday, February 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, then I came home to do a few things around the house before I met my mom and sister at the nursing home to visit my grandmother. 

This squirrel outside of her window kept us laughing for a little while. 

Thursday evening, the kids and I hung out at the house while Ben went to cigar night at our local liquor store. 
Trixie was ready for her daddy to be home and go to bed. 

Friday, February 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, got myself ready, Kids to school, then back home to hop on an 8:30 Zoom meeting to start planning the 8th grade dance. 

Then Leigh Anne came over and we "Poured it Out" and watched several episodes of Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias. I made us fajitas for lunch. 

I grabbed Ella, we got home, I did a few things around the house, built a fire, poured a glass of wine, and settled on the couch to watch more Sweet Magnolias. 

I made more fajitas for dinner and watched Sweet Magnolias til I couldn't keep my eyes open. 

Saturday, February 5th- 

Ben and I went to a viewing for one of his co-workers whose son passed away, then we went to lunch at Legends, and on my way home I stopped by Ulta, Home Goods, Target, and Publix. 

Got home, did a quick clean sweep, and poured it out again to finish Sweet Magnolias. OH MY GOODNESS! I need Season 3 NOW. 

Grammy came over for dinner and she ran Ella to a friends to spend the night. We grilled burgers and started Designated Survivor. Have you watched that show? 

Sunday, February 6th-

Coffee and Jesus. Then Ben and I met Grammy at church while Ian and Kathryn went to a different church. After church, I picked up Ella and we went to lunch at Legends. 

The boys played golf, while Ella and came home. I did laundry and a few other things to get ready for the week.  
I worked on this post and started Sweet Magnolias AGAIN. 

Ben and I went to a meeting at church while Ella went to yoga and Ian stayed home to clean his room. 

We got home, showered, and more Designated Survivor. 

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