Our Week Tax Prep, Golf Stuff, and Peloton Rides...

 Hey Y'all! How is your week so far? So far so good for us! 

Monday, February 28th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Drop off Golf stuff, and Publix. Then it was home to start tax prep and golf finances. 

Lunch and Blog work.. All while keeping up with laundry. 

Picked up Ella from school and headed to the course for pictures and practice. 

My gang got home, we ate dinner, took showers, chilled, and bed. 

Tuesday, March 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Home to get ready and head to my last Beauty for Ashes study. We all brought a covered dish to enjoy lunch together. Y'all this study was AMAZING! This day we started at 10 and I left around 1:30 to then go grab Ella early from school to head to her dentist appointment. She was cavity free! YAY 

We got home, I finished a blog post, did laundry, cooked dinner, ate, showered, and bed! But in my downtime with Ben, I snapped these cute pictures of Duke...

and don't think that during my Bible Study that I didn't subscribe to The Food Nanny and Turner Farms Sourdough class. Because I DID! I told everyone before class started and promised to bake them a loaf! 

Wednesday, March 2nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I got a ride on the Peloton. Got myself ready and headed to Legends for lunch and to pick up the golf bags for the kids golf team. We started a booster club this year and we were able to order all the team polos and pullovers plus golf bags through the course so we got them at a better cost. 

Luckily, we have not received this email. 👊 Things are looking good for this year! 

I cooked chicken kabobs for dinner and they were AMAZING!! 

We inhaled dinner and crashed. Golf practice will wear these kids out... especially since they have to walk and carry clubs. 

Thursday, March 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, ride on the Peloton. Got myself ready and headed to visit my sweet Maw-Maw. Tonya and I had lunch before I headed to pick up Ella and all the evening fun!

Since it was Dr. Seuss' Birthday this popped up in my memories! Y'all I can't handle it!! Why do they have to grow up?? 

Friday, March 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Peloton. Love me some Ally Love. 

I saw this and was like DANG... I need to do better. 

I worked around the house, got ready, picked up Ella, and we headed to the golf course to meet Ben for golf and dinner. 

But in carpool line, I saw this and sent it to Leigh Anne. Y'all I keep talking about starting our own compound. But community sounds better! HA 

Friday evening views!! 

Dinner was amazing! Then it was home to chill and climb into bed. 

Saturday, March 5th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then back to Legends for lunch before sending my golfers out to play while I went shopping. 
But I had my Stanley in tow. 

I hate when you are scrolling IG and TRUTH pops up. 

Well damn...

Saturday evening, I grilled chicken, onions, pepper, and corn. 

We enjoyed a slow evening. 

Sunday, March 6th- 

The boys were up early to head to Ian's golf tournament about an 1 or so away. I got them off and then ready to head to church. While Ella went to youth, I did my quiet time, then Grammy met us for big church (as Ella calls it). Lunch at Longhorns followed by a trip to Target. 

We were home for a little bit to get ready for the new week before heading back to church for a ladies conference for me and Grammy while Ella and a few friends went to yoga. 

It was a great week and weekend. 

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