Our Week with A Visit with MawMaw, Annie F. Downs, and Ian's First Tournament of the Year.

 Happy Monday Y'all! Y'all I am struggling with this little space of mine... from finding time to type post to reading your blog post. I have fallen so far behind. I am working on a "new schedule" for myself and it includes not turning off my alarm clock in the mornings. 😏

But for today, I am recapping the week starting with February 21st...

Monday, February 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, and aride on the Peloton. Then it was ALL the things. Picked up Ella but golf practice was canceled due to rain, so I took an early bath, out on my pjs and chilled. Finally, it was dinner and bed. 

Tuesday, February 22nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, get myself ready and head to bible study. Then I grocery shopped, picked up Ella, and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Cooked dinner, showers, and bed. 

I saw this meme and I had to laugh out loud. It's so true with curly hair.

Wednesday, February 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Ride on the Peloton...

Then I got a hydrafacial with my FAVORITE aesthetician, Rhonda. She got a new machine and it was amazing. 

Then I ate lunch really quick, grabbed Ella, took her to golf lessons. (Ben and Ian meet us at the course) 

I came home, worked on tax stuff, cooked dinner, then it was showers and bed. 

Thursday, February 24th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, Hopped on the Peloton, then got myself ready to go visit this sweet lady...

My MawMaw. 

After our visit, Tonya and I grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-a before I headed to pick up Ella. 

We got home, chilled, grilled chicken, showers, and bed. 

I saw this and sent it to Leigh Anne. It's so true! 

I did manage to finish That Sounds Fun but it was difficulty with Trixie. 

Friday, February 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I was in such a funk that I did NOTHING when I got back home. I pretty much had a pity party. 

I did finally get ready, take Trixie to the Vet. She is know on a daily allergy medicine. Then I picked up Ella, dropped her off and headed to see AFD.... Then Ella was heading to Resonate Weekend at church. She lived her best life! 

I was about 15 minutes from the house when I realized I forgot my ticket. I couldn't get Ticketmaster to pull up on my phone, so I had to turn around and get my ticket which then made traffic SO BAD that I missed the whole Q & A. 😭 But I did get there in time to get my picture taken. 

I am so interested in her white ink tattoos. 

Love her! 

Before the show started I was so worried that I did the parking incorrectly that I actually got an employee from the theatre to go to the parking lot with me to make sure I was ok. He said yes, everything looks right....(stay tuned) 

I came back in, enjoyed the show, laughed so hard, and I did it ALL BY MYSELF. 

EVERYTHING is better with confetti and glitter. 

So the show got over right at 10 PM and lots of women were walking to their cars at night. I get to mine and GUESS WHAT?  It has a BOOT on it because I didn't do the parking correct. Something was wrong with the "tap" feature of the machine and it didn't take our payment. I bet about 10-15 cars had boots on them. I had to call a service and someone had to come unboot me after I paid a fee even after I tried to pay and park THREE different times. 🙄 The guy from the service was already there because GUESS WHAT we all got released at the same time and we all calling. It was CRAZY! 

I finally got home close to 11 and CRASHED! 

Saturday, February 26th- 

It was a slow morning before we headed to The Georgia Club before Ian's first tournament of the season. 

Ella was sending me pictures from her weekend! 

Ian finished in 5th Place, He headed to Kathryn's for dinner, while Grammy went to pick us up Longhorn's. We ate dinner and didn't move from the couch until Ian got home! 

Sunday, February 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Start cleaning house, get ready for church, church, lunch with The Boswells, all while Ben played in a tournament and Ian went to church with Kathryn. 

We got home and I finished cleaning, putting stuff away, getting my planner set up for the week, ALL THE THINGS. 

Ben got home and ran Ella to yoga, then went back to pick up her up, Ian came home early from Kathryn's and y'all WE CRASHED!! 

It was a great week and weekend! 

I will recap last week on Wednesday!! 

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