Our Week with Golf Matches and Baby Wilkes

Hello Monday!! How was your weekend? As usual, I am recapping last week and weekend! You might have noticed that I only got one post up last week. Unfortunately, that is how the blog is going to be sometimes. I have to put my energy in growing this little space or my Etsy Shop and right now it's the Etsy Shop. This little space was created to mainly be an online scrapbook for my family. It might change in the future. 

I will always be heavier in post at the beginning of each month because I like to share my monthly goals and Prime Purchases. Not to mention, that I just don't know what to share right now :( 

But with all that being said, let me get to the recap. 

Monday, March 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids didn't have school but they went to the golf course while I ran errands for the Golf Team and grocery shopped. I conquered some laundry and an order . Then we headed to a golf match. Ella gets to "play" aka practice at home matches. Her scores can not count because the matches are Varsity. Right now, we do not have enough girls to form a JV team. But next year, it's on! She will mostly letter as a freshman. 

Ben and I followed Ella for the most part but we did get to see Ian! 

Her former principal is now her golf coach! YAY 

Tuesday, March 15th- 

Tuesday was over before it even started! HA It was a busy day with NO pictures. 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton ride, Got ready, and at the middle school for a meeting by 8:15. 

Then it was home to switch out laundry and empty the dishwasher. I went to visit my grandmother at the nursing home. Then it was time to pick up Ella while Ian drove himself to the dentist. Y'all that was WEIRD! I didn't have to go with him to the dentist. Like what???? 

The golf match was canceled due to rain but my gang was able to play a several holes before the rain moved in. 

I cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, finished laundry, and CRASHED! 

Wednesday, March 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids to school, back home to get ready before heading to my dentist appointment. Then it was home with just enough time for lunch and a few chores before Trixie's vet appointment. We picked up Ella, ran home for her to change and headed to a Golf Match. Ian was playing Brett's high school. 

Look at them. Friends since they were 3. 

After the match, we all went to eat and them it was home to finish up a few things before bed and y'all look at Duke. I'm so glad our dogs are so mistreated. That they feel so uncomfortable in their home. 


Thursday, March 17th- Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, I rushed back home to wait for the washing machine repair guy. I had every intention of hoping on the peloton after he left but my volunteer positions took up the majority of my day. Between 8th grade dance stuff, golf booster stuff, and trying to plan a golf match in May for all of the high schools in our county....it's timing consuming y'all. I'm not complaining at all just trying to remember these days because I know I am going to miss them. 

I sent Leigh Anne this picture because I have finally gotten to the point that I need readers and blue light blockers while I am on the computer. I was trying to type an email to a few golf coaches about a registration form and I literally couldn't see  if I typed the "r" in form. I put on my readers and sure enough there was that dang "r" . 

I have these readers from Amazon and love them. I have 1.5 but I think I need to go up. 

Y'all excuse the hot mess express in the picture below! 

I accomplished my to do list, got ready, grabbed Ella and we headed to Ian's golf match. 

We grabbed a quick dinner afterwards and then it was home in time to finish up a few things and head to bed. 

Friday, March 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, ride on the Peloton with a little visitor. 

Then I finally got to meet and love on Baby Wilkes. 

Love sweet Meridith. She does not look like she just gave birth a little over 2 weeks ago! 

I got him to SMILE! So Sweet!!! 

I could just squeeze them both!! 

Friday night, I cooked mexican and sat on the couch! It was a busy week and I was exhausted! 

Saturday, March 19th- 

Coffee, Jesus, My boys went to play golf, Ella slept in and I did ALL THE THINGS. I cleaned house, cleaned our drawers in the kitchen, cut up fruits and veggies, worked on 8th grade dance stuff, completed an order, 
After golf Ian went to Kathryn's, Ella went to Andretti's with a friend, while Ben and I grilled pork chops for dinner. 

After the kids got home, we crashed again. 

Sunday, March 20th- 

Boys to the course, Girls to church. I did my quiet time at church while Ella went to youth and We meet Grammy at the 11:00 service. 
Then we had lunch at Legend's, rode out to find the boys, sat while they had lunch, then they are went back out to play/practice while I came home to get us ready for the week. 

It was a great and busy week and weekend!! 

Cheers to a new one...

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